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Did We Uncancel Kanye?

Staying Ready so We Don’t Have to Get Ready

As gentrification threatens our spaces, it’s important to know just how we are being targeted. Meet the predators who have been duping many of us into unknowingly signing over our properties, often at prices way below the market value. Brooklyn, NY is a big target, but those of us from other cities can learn a lesson or two as we continue fighting against displacement.

Your POTUS Impeachment Update                                         

Here’s a succinct li’l recap of Trump’s activities for the week.

Congress, What’s Good?

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of women being able to vote. Letting old folks who are knowingly scheming and scamming out of prison early. Forcing the government to address consumer protection issues for those of us who’d rather keep our money under the mattress.

Plus, John Conyers, the longest-serving Black congressman passed yesterday. He was 90 years old and made a name for himself as a civil rights leader during his 50+ years on the Hill.

2020 Watch

In what world does a president speak at an HBCU and only invite a small number of students? Trump’s world.

Whew chillay, the willful ignorance. Bernie Sanders tells a Black college student that showing respect to police is the key to not getting shot. Is this what people mean when they say Bernie can be out of touch when it comes to us?

Billionaire candidate Tom Steyer goes to Compton to talk environmental justice.

Cory Booker says he’s the new Joe Biden.

Tyler Perry Studios will host the next Democratic debate on November 20.

Around the Diaspora

Some Afro-Italians think immigrants from the Motherland should just turn around and go make Africa great.

This Jamaican entrepreneur does not play when it comes to putting on for his country and the Caribbean massive.

Zimbabwe and its economy are sick and tired of these sanctions imposed on them by the West.

Culture that Pops

Naomie Harris, Tyrese and Mike Colter's new movie ‘Black & Blue’ portrays our perspective of what it’s like to deal with the police.  

President Barack Obama shared a powerful eulogy at Elijah Cummings memorial service.

Ok so, Kayne’s “Jesus is King” is finally out and half the internet is falling all over the new project. Did we uncancel him?


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