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Cyntoia's Coming Home

Justice Department Resuming the Death Penalty

This was actually news from 2 weeks ago, but it’s super important, so we couldn’t let it pass. The DOJ has decided to resume the death penalty for the first time in nearly 20 years and the execution of 5 inmates will happen between December and January. The call was made based on Joe Biden’s 1994 “crime bill.” This may not seem like a big deal since many states have moved away from the practice themselves. However, when you look at the disproportionate numbers of Black defendants getting the death penalty, the issue begs all of our attention. Always down for the cause, Massachusetts Representative Ayanna Pressley is leading the charge on a bill that would ultimately ban the death penalty - period.

Cyntoia (Almost) Back

Every semi-conscious person knows the story of Cyntoia Brown, the woman who was sentenced to life in prison at 16 for killing a man who attempted to rape her. After pressure from criminal justice advocates and social media helped her cause for clemency, we’re happy to hear that sis will be released this week and starting what we hope will be a new, prosperous life. There is a GoFundMe set up for her to get back on her feet. If you feel moved, donate to the cause and show the system that though they try, they can’t break us all.

No Returns, No Primary

California is giving people a reason to look past its unbearable traffic. The state passed a law that bars a presidential candidate from being on its March 2020 primary ballot unless they disclose 5 years of their tax returns by November. Those shots were fired directly at Donald Trump, who has famously declined to share his tax returns from his time as a candidate and now as President. The state insists the bill is constitutional, but we can assume the federal government will challenge this law in 5...4...3...2…

Congress, What’s Going On??

Recess, that’s what. Everyone in the legislative body will be on vacation for the month of August. Hopefully they’ll all spend it productively like Ilhan Omar who took Nancy Pelosi to Ghana in commemoration of the 400 years since the start of the U.S. slave trade.

2020 Tings: Round 2 of the #DemDebates

Everybody came for Joe Biden on the second night of the debates. Is he playing good defense or is it time for him to hang it up?

Tulsi Gabbard brought up Kamala’s questionable track record as the Attorney General of California. Here are the facts.

We haven’t given any love to Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington, but we do appreciate his enthusiasm for fighting climate change.

Speaking of climate change, will moving to higher ground save us all? That’s what Andrew Yang seems to think and he’s being dragged for it.

The next round of debates will be held in September and so far, only 7 of 24 candidates qualify. Will your fave make the cut?

Around the Diaspora

Despite the stereotype that marijuana is widely accepted in the Caribbean, making it legal across the region is still a process. St. Kitt’s, Nevis, and Dominica are among the latest go through efforts to decriminalize.

The protest efforts of Puerto Ricans succeeded when their governor announced he was stepping down last week. Is this chosen successor legit though?

You may have seen it all over IG, but here’s more details about how and why Ethiopia planted 350 million trees in 12 hours.

Culture that Pops

Not giving up on his call for an end to police brutality, NFL player Eric Reid says he still gone kneel.

Haven’t watched “A Black Lady Sketch Show” on HBO yet? Here are 5 reasons to tune in.

The one and only Bad Gal called out 45 for his insufficient response to this weekend’s mass shootings. This is why she’s forever our imaginary girlfriend.


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