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California is Doing the Most

Last week, California made it clear that she was trying to be one of one, number one, and the only one of the United States (IYK Renaissance, YK). We're not mad at her.

What the Health

The latest in COVID numbers: 96M total cases & 1M total deaths (+327K & +3K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

  • Going on our 3rd winter in this pandemic, healthcare officials are gearing up for a potential surge during the cooler months.

  • Black and brown folks suffering from COVID received delayed treatment after a diagnostic tool failed to properly detect their oxygen levels.

  • Despite a drop in new cases, it’s unlikely that monkeypox will be eradicated in the US anytime soon.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Reason 34,958 why Biden needs to complete this term and then chill: he asked if a GOP congresswoman was in the audience at an event. The problem with that is that she died in August.

Kamala had a blunder herself. During a speech in a neutral zone on the Korean peninsula, the VPOTUS said the US had an “ironclad” alliance with North Korea. If you know anything about the US’ relationship with North Korea, you know that ain’t nothing sweet between us and them.

Biden is expected to announce $60M in infrastructure funding for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona.

Months after her official swearing in, Ketanji Brown Jackson was formally sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice. BTW, here are 5 cases to watch as the SCOTUS’ new term begins.

Congress, What’s Good?

With Election Day just over a month away, Congress is expected to recess and make their rounds on the campaign trail. Here’s a little bit of what they did before heading out:

  • Avoided a government shutdown…until mid-December (We can thank Manchin—who finally got out of the way—for that)

  • Gave $19B to FEMA for the natural disasters in Florida & Puerto Rico, $20M to Jackson for its water crisis & $12B in more aid to Ukraine

  • Finally introduced draft legislation for a stock trading ban, but there’s a loophole already

As for this week’s committee meetings, there are none per the above recess.

Election Watch: 2022 Midterms

This election will be the first in 10+ years in which the GOP aren’t actively trying to repeal Obamacare. Why y’all think they gave up?

Some pollsters say Democrats might not wanna get too comfortable with the idea of performing well in the upcoming midterms.

Speaking of pollsters, why can’t they ever seem to be on the same page?

Social Justice Round Up

Seeing Georgia as an example of what not to do, California limits use of rap lyrics as evidence in criminal trials.

California also shut down the predatory practice of charging for phone calls made from its state prisons. The cost of those calls will now be the state's responsibility, but it will make it easier for 93K inmates and their families to stay connected.

Since last year, roughly $500M from federal & state governments as well as from philanthropic organizations has been invested in community violence intervention methods as an alternative to policing. While the investment is tiny compared to police budgets nationwide, advocates are hoping the funding will go a long way to prove that alternative public safety responses are the way to go.

Around the Diaspora

In the midst of an Ebola outbreak, Uganda’s president urges all to remain calm, saying the virus is easy to fight. Given where Uganda & the entire world has been with the COViD-19 pandemic over the last few years, he’d better have a real strategy in place to contain the outbreak.

Caribbean asylum seekers arriving in NYC from Texas can now find support at relief centers set up around the city. The centers will offer resources for shelter, emergency services & more. Most of those from the Caribbean seeking asylum via the southern border today are Haitian.

Cuba passed a new “family law” that legalizes same-sex marriage & adoption, gives grandparents broader rights in relation to their grandchildren & offers protection to the elderly.

Getting to the Money

From NYC to Lagos, the NBA has plenty of open roles across marketing, social strategy, partnerships and IT. If basketball or simply sports is your thing, shoot your shot.

Ps. If you live in the Golden State, don’t waste time on jobs that won’t pay you what you’re looking for. California’s new pay transparency law will require employers include the pay range on job postings starting next year.

Buying Black

Love you a good cup of joe? Check out these Black-owned coffee brands in honor of last week’s National Coffee Day. Each one is available to shop online, giving you the chance to try them all.

Culture that Pops

Solange’s composition for the New York Ballet premiered last week. She is the 2nd Black woman to ever write a score for the institution.

Looking to read more as the cozy season kicks off? Here are 20 books written by Black authors that The Root is looking forward to snagging this month.

2 women who also happen to be farmers launched the Black Farmer Fund to help Black farmers who are routinely overlooked by the USDA.


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