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"But, I Have Black Friends"

Who Has Time…?

...for the President and his antics? Dude is going into overdrive to discredit and disrespect 4 Democratic Congresswomen of color. He and his supporters believe these women should “go back to where they came from,” despite 3 being born in the US. The other one, Representative Ilhan Omar, has been a citizen longer than Melania Trump herself, but who’s counting? Clearly not Donnie.

Playing his “I’m not racist, I have Black friends” card, Trump also appears to be working with Swedish authorities to get A$AP Rocky home after he’s been in jail for roughly three weeks pending assault charges. Sweden isn’t feeling his interference though, so it may make things harder for A$AP down the road.

New York Getting with the Program

A couple weeks ago, we wrote about California officially banning hair discrimination. The State of New York has now done the same. Y’all can now go into your interviews with those Miss Celie braids if your braidout is still drying. Congrats family!

Congress, What’s Hannenin??

Notable items from Congress’ agenda this week: stopping those horrible robocalls, the Cameroonian government respecting the human rights of its citizens, and emergency medical services for children.

Also, Robert Mueller’s testimony is coming this Wednesday. The Democrats hope he'll deliver all of the tea that will be cause for getting Trump TF out of here. Let's see if he will.

2020 Tings

Donald Trump launched his Women for Trump coalition last week. Ladies, is this a club you’re trying to be on the guest list for or nah?

Beto O’Rourke has hired Aisha McClendon to focus on his campaign’s outreach to the Black community.

Speaking of outreach, Joe Biden visited the heart of Black Los Angeles this week. Check out his stop in Nipsey’s hood and how he supports Making Crenshaw Great Again.

Bernie Sanders says he would split up tech giants Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Around the Diaspora

A global health emergency has been declared in the Democratic Republic of Congo due to the latest Ebola outbreak. Here are some resources for helping them from wherever you are in the world.

Jamaica’s unemployment drops below 8%, a new low for the nation.

It’s not perfect, but civilians and the military have finally signed that power-sharing deal in Sudan. Current disagreements will be ironed out in a second deal.

Kenya launches Africa’s largest wind farm.

Culture that Pops

The NBA couple folks love to hate—Steph and Ayesha Curry—have launched an organization to help underprivileged youth in the Bay Area.

How much do you love your momma? This Philadelphia man scaled a 19-story building to rescue his mother from a burning building.

Blade is getting a reboot with Mahershala Ali as the star and the Twitter streets don’t know how to act.


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