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Bout Damn Time

‘Bout Damn Time

Funding expired in October, but the Senate finally got their act together and stepped up for the HBCUs. They recently passed an amendment to grant $255 million annually to Black colleges and other minority service institutions. The amendment also includes simplifying the FAFSA, which will produce a cost savings to make providing the funding possible. Now it’s up to the House to make the bill a reality, but this bill differs from what they passed previously and removing questions from the FAFSA leads to some security concerns. Discussions are underway to ensure those concerns are addressed and that the bill clears the lower chamber.

“Impeach the Motherf*cker”

Rashida Tlaib must be thrilled that her dreams are coming true.

So we know that the House wrapped up all of their impeachment what? The House Judiciary Committee just released a report that defines what they believe to be impeachable offenses based on the Constitution. Next, they will actually draft articles of impeachment with which they will use to cast votes on whether 45 should be impeached or not. Some speculate the articles may include bribery, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice (sounds familiar). The last day of the 2019 legislative calendar is December 20, so the House has until then publish the articles and then vote to impeach 45. The House seems set on seeing their plan all the way through at this point. Once they’re done, the case will go to trial in the Republican-controlled Senate to contemplate his removal. 

Congress, What’s Good?

The ongoing crisis in Haiti, ensuring the preservation of Native American languages, and grilling the Department of Education on how they handle student loan borrowers who claim to have been defrauded by their schools.

2020 Watch

You probably know this already, but Cousin Kamala has left the presidential group chat. How did someone with so much promise exit the race before lesser known (or equally problematic) candidates?

Welp, Michael Bloomberg just got here and he’s already found himself in the middle of some mess. The former NY mayor recently called Cory Booker “well spoken.” Excuse us, what?

Joe Biden claps back at a voter who pressed him at a recent town hall.

What did Black women do when Elizabeth Warren asked them to keep it real? 

Around the Diaspora

Ivory Coast welcomes Uber. Before them, Ghana and Nigeria were the only West African nations to welcome the ride-sharing service.

Bermuda makes its stamp in Hollywood with “Queen & Slim.”

Guyana is about to come into some money money. Are they prepared for an influx of riches?

South Africa takes the Miss Universe crown for 2019.

Culture that Pops

Black Girl Magic reaches the world of chess as these three young ladies from the South Side of Chicago win the state championship for their school.

Call him corny if you want (we know we will), but Nick Cannon is taking his radio show to the national level.

Solange wins the Lena Horne Prize for Artists Creating Social Impact and dedicates the $100K reward to a nonprofit based in Houston’s Third Ward.

Motown founder Berry Gordy gets a whole intersection named after him in Hollywood.


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