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An Extra $1,000 per Month?

Supreme Court with the Fcksht

This week, the conservative majority SCOTUS sided with 45 on an overarching asylum restriction he sought to put in place. This new limit means that immigrants leaving their home countries can be denied entry into the US if they have not first sought asylum with any countries that they passed through before hitting US borders. Efforts to stop this policy are currently sitting with lower courts. Meanwhile, liberal Supreme Court Justices have slammed their colleagues for moving too quickly to side with Trump.

This news comes on the heels of Trump’s administration pulling a fast one on Hurricane Dorian survivors who boarded a ferry to find relief in Florida. Normally Bahamians are able to come into the US with a valid passport and a clean police record or visa. Immigration officials, however, forced anyone without a US visa in hand off the boat. Trump cited a similar “bad hombres” excuse for the policy change. We’re calling BS.

Student Athletes to Get Paid…

In 2023. Again, pushing the country when it comes to more progressive (read: sensible) ideas, the Golden State has passed a bill that would allow student athletes to get paid, after years of making millions on millions for their universities while also putting their bodies and academic careers at risk—all for free.99. Of course, those who never saw an issue with “Black labor, white wealth” think this is an unnecessary and even an “unconstitutional” move, but it is supported by some of your favorite professional athletes today. Once CA Governor Gavin Newsom signs the bill, we can expect it to go in place on January 1, 2023.

Congress, What’s the Move?

On this week’s agenda: mandatory funding for HBCUs, environmental injustice in Michigan (remember Flint?), and confronting violent white supremacy.

2020 Watch: Unpacking the September #DemDebate

Thursday night’s winners and losers list includes a special appearance from our Forever President.

Should we be concerned that the top 3 candidates speak about trade in very different ways?

Here are 7 other things we learned from last week’s debate.

Andrew Yang is proving money ain’t a thang to him and that it shouldn’t be to average Americans either. He’s giving 10 randomly selected people $1000 per month for one year to demonstrate his universal basic income theory.

Around the Diaspora

Zimbabwe put former president Robert Mugabe to rest, but grapple with his legacy in the process.

Antigua and Barbuda do not support a possible military invasion of Venezuela.

Some farmers in Jamaica are fighting climate change with smart technology.

Madagascar and its citizens are reaping the benefits from increased vanilla prices for real.

Culture that Pops

HBO picks up a series based on Americanah, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s best-selling novel. The TV adaptation will star Black Panther queens Lupita and Danai.

Andre Iguodala speaks with Fast Company about his best and worst habits, his love for Grown-ish, and why he ignores any business advice that includes the saying  “get your money.”

Michael Jackson’s estate responds to “Leaving Neverland’s” Emmy win.


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