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Where's Our 'Better Tomorrow'?

In the 3 years since George Floyd's death, much has changed (more states are considering reparations) and much more has not (i.e. police departments continue to militarize and terrorize Black families). Where is our 'better tomorrow'?

What the Health

Studies show racism is the reason why our community is diagnosed with Alzheimer's at a higher rate than others.

This is something that many of us know intimately: police brutality against Black people directly affects our mental health.

Due to a gene mutation, Black folks have poorer outcomes after traumatic brain injuries.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Biden trolls Ron DeSantis’ janky 2024 campaign announcement. Meanwhile the Florida governor says Biden’s age and economic record are more concerning to voters than abortion bans would ever be.

The United States got some nerve: Secretary of State Blinken says the Biden administration is considering visa restrictions against Ugandan officials after the country passed strict anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.

Congress, What’s Good?

FINALLY. A tentative debt ceiling deal has been reached between House Speaker McCarthy and the POTUS. Here’s a glimpse at what’s included:

  • A suspension of the debt limit until the start of 2025

  • Your student loan payments are coming back 60 days after June 30 or after the SCOTUS decision, whichever comes first

  • SNAP recipients between the ages of 18 and 54 will have to work or be enrolled in job training programs

  • 120K jobs potentially being lost due to spending cuts

Both chambers will need to pass the legislation by June 5 to avoid a default. Will they actually get it done?

Here’s some of what’s on this week’s committee meeting agenda:

Social Justice Round Up

Has anything changed in the 3 years since George Floyd’s death?

An 11-year-old in Mississippi called the police to help his mother. Instead of the police doing what they were called to do, they shot the boy.

Nearly 3 months after delaying a vote on the matter due to community concern, the Los Angeles City Council has approved usage of robot police dogs.

In addition to signing themselves up for a big payout, blue cities and states are taking political risks to consider reparations. Are they bold enough to follow through?

Around the Diaspora

A temporary truce in Sudan has humanitarian officials rushing to provide aid to civilians before things get out of hand again.

UN officials are counting Haiti as 1 of 18 countries where the issue of hunger is expected to worsen.

Jamaica’s PM aims to improve the country’s relationship with the Catholic church to introduce a faith-based education curriculum to the youth.

Getting to the Money

The Black Marketers Association of America works with corporate partners nationwide to increase diversity within their organizations. Check out their job board featuring open roles from Hello Fresh, National Geographic, Notre Dame University, and more.

Buying Black

Garner’s Garden is a 100% natural beauty brand for your hair, oral, and skin care needs. In a world where seemingly everything is causing hormone imbalances and causing unexpected health issues, it doesn’t hurt to explore handmade alternative products that can help us live healthier lives. Give their website a look. BTW, their Oral Care Trio comes highly recommended.

Culture that Pops

RIP to the icon, the Queen of Rock & Roll, Ms. Tina Turner.

This is just a reminder that Memorial Day originated with Black people.

Despite claims, soul food isn’t automatically unhealthy simply because it’s soul food. The ‘Southern Diet’ can help those of us who want to be mindful of our eating still enjoy our cultural foods with flavor. (Sorry to all those who felt like they had to eat raw collard greens. Y’all didn’t deserve that.)


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