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What's Love?

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 30M total cases & 534K deaths (+385K & +8K from last week)

The headlines:

  • Europe is going through yet another surge. Here’s why we should be careful.

  • However, it’s not entirely clear being careful will even help after you see the foolishness going on down in Miami. It’s clear the people down there for spring break (some of them aint had an actual spring break in years, but we digress) don’t care about spreading the virus there or back in their homes.

  • A distance of 3 feet may be good enough for children to be at when in close quarters. Not adults though.

About Filing Taxes

If you’re the type to submit your taxes at the very last minute, you’re in luck. You have more time to procrastinate. This year’s federal tax deadline has been extended to May 17. Check with your individual state on whether they have also pushed back their deadline or if it is still April 15.

Also, if you are someone who **pays estimated taxes to the IRS every quarter,** your deadline has not changed.

We Are Tired But...

There seems to be this debate going on around whether we should express sympathy or support after last week’s domestic terrorist attack targeting Asian women at Asian-owned massage parlors in ATL. We understand feeling exhausted because we have to show up so much & so often for ourselves, but we can still show solidarity to the Asian community...can’t we?

If You Know Someone…

...Who is experiencing homeless or is at risk of becoming homeless, please let them know that they are still entitled to receive a stimulus check. The $1,400 might not feel like much (or enough) to you, but it can make a significant contribution to someone looking to ger back on their feet. Spread the word.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

May 1 is the day that all vaccines must be available to adults nationwide, Biden says.

Facing an influx of immigrants at the southern border, the new administration says the border is “closed,” but families that appear together will receive hotel rooms.

The US had tense exchanges with Russia, China, and North Korea all in the last week.

Congress, What’s Good?

The House passed 2 acts aimed at addressing immigration last week: one that would give Dreamers a path to citizenship & another to give agricultural workers protected status. Immigration (like everything else) faces a tougher fight in the Senate, but Senate Dems are hopeful they can get something passed in their chamber, even if it’s not the full thing.

The House also voted to extend the Violence Against Women Act and a whole 172 Republican representatives voted against it. All because they believe men previously convicted of domestic violence should still be able to purchase a gun in the future. Yes, even after the attack in Atlanta that targeted women.

This week, the hot topics include:

Criminal Justice Round Up

New York publishes the misconduct reports of over 83K NYPD officers and police unions are maaaaad. The total number of complaints is in the 323K ballpark. That’s an average of roughly 4 complaints per officer. Seems like we should be the ones upset at this news & not them, but ok.

A number of criminal justice reform organizations are petitioning Joe Biden to hire US attorneys who are focused on progressive prosecution. Think they’re asking for too much? Nah, this was one of his campaign promises, so they’re simply asking him to keep that same energy that go him elected.

Around the Diaspora

Last week, Tanzania swore in its first woman as President. She is only the 6th president in the county’s history.

Will fake COVID vaccines be the next obstacle to tackle across the Motherland? South African and Nigerian authorities fear so.

Jamaica was ranked the 37th happiest country in the world.

Getting to the Money

If you are a Black woman founder with a business rooted in sports, wellness, & tech, sign up for the Black Girl Ventures x Nike pitch competition. Together, the two organizations will “train” the woman entrepreneur as an elite athlete, ensuring she has the tools needed to be successful & be a disruptive force. The deadline to apply is March 28.

MACRO & The Black List are hosting a screenwriter incubator in which they will help an up-and-coming screenwriter of color develop a film idea and pitch it to Warner Bros. The selected screenwriter in this program will receive a $10K prize and potentially a feature film sold to a major studio. Submissions are strongly encouraged to be submitted by July 1.

Buying Black

Let your guests know what time it is before they step into your home with a doormat from Kicky Mats. Kicky Mats creates doormats, apparel and more with interesting & culturally relevant sayings that are sure to be a great conversation starter among guests.

Culture that Pops

Everybody Hates Chris will be rebooted as an animated series. You watching?

This 12 year old kid is headed to college soon. Arizona State, to be exact. Afterwards she wants to be an engineer working for NASA.


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