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Diversity, where?

Texas' governor is now taking aim at its diversity practices that we know hardly exist in the first place. When will this particular brand of white people go extinct?

What the Health

The latest COVID numbers: 103M total cases & 1M total deaths (+256K & +3K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Biden popped up in Ukraine ahead of the 1-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion.

With multiple train derailments putting communities at risk this month, some of the blame is being pointed towards the POTUS. Remember when he crushed a strike in which rail workers wanted safer working conditions?

Donnie is still beating Joe (and Kamala) in 2024 match-up polls. We’re just going to go ahead and start protecting our peace from now.

After all the chatter, the US says it’s done looking for the unidentified high-altitude objects that were shot down last week.

Congress, What’s Good?

The GOP has been doing a lot of talking about how much spending cuts are needed. They’ve also agreed that roughly 45% of federal spending is untouchable due to Social Security, Medicare, the defense budget, and veterans’ benefits. How many chess moves do they really have in the debt ceiling fight? One proposed approach is to “restore dignity” for SNAP benefit recipients, which is political talk for limiting food stamp allocations. This would be on top of some of the COVID-era benefits that are ending next month.

Y’all elected officials love to rock the boat with China. After shooting down its frenemy’s “spy balloon,” some in Congress took a trip to Taiwan to show their solidarity as the island nation asserts its independence from its regional superpower. There’s also bipartisan support to finally take decisive action on TikTok.

With the exception of 1 committee meeting this week, Congress is away from the Hill in observance of Presidents Day.

Social Justice Round Up

Using diversity in hiring is now “illegal” in Texas state departments, the governor says. A bill has also been introduced to stop considering DEI measures in college admissions decisions.

The white supremacist/terrorist who targeted & killed 10 Black people in a Buffalo grocery store received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Good for us.

Police in Virginia would have been blocked from accessing menstrual information had it not been for that pesky governor trying to ensure abortions are outlawed in his state.

Around the Diaspora

Meet the Ivorian woman who’s changing the face of comic books with Aya and Akissi, two Ivorian superheroes that tackle issues around girlhood/womanhood, tradition, and freedom.

The body of a Ghanaian football player who went missing after Turkey’s earthquakes has been found.

Is Beyoncé really going on a world tour if she’s ignoring Africa (and the Caribbean)? The answer would be no.

Getting to the Money

Looking for companies that are actively hiring for remote roles? Check out this list, which includes organizations from the US and others around the globe.

Buying Black

With 1 weekend left in Black History month, why not visit a Black-owned art gallery? Check out this list of 100+ Black-owned galleries nationwide that are completely for us and by us. Note: the full list was posted on one of the galleries’ Facebook pages, so if you refuse to dust off your deactivated account to access it, another version can be found on IG.

Culture that Pops

Tyler Perry donated $2.75M for low-income seniors in ATL to stay in their homes.

Black chefs in New Orleans are telling the you-know-whos that tried to appropriate the city’s culinary traditions, “Aht aht! Find somebody else’s history to whitewash.”

Howard University’s swim team was highlighted on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Here are some autobiographies by Black public figures to add to your reading list.


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