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What a Year

Another Difficult Loss for the Culture

We lost a real-life superhero on Friday, adding to the unpredictability and pain that we’ve experienced this year. While it’s difficult to process this immense, unexpected loss, here’s a great explanation of why Chadwick Boseman meant so much to us.

Sick and Tired

You know the story by now. Another unarmed Black man, this time Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was the latest victim of excessive police force. Jacob received 7 shots in the back while his children witnessed from close range. Jacob did survive the assault, so we send our regards to him and his family as they start the road to recovery. We also hope the state of Wisconsin’s independent investigators into this matter will produce real justice since the Kenosha PD is no stranger to this type of incident.

In the protests that followed, two people were killed by a white supremacist while the police looked the other way. From that point on, the media did what they do best: find fault in the victim(s) and redeeming qualities in their killers. The blatant disregard for Black lives may only get worse as Y’all President plans to visit Kenosha to show his support to and meet enforcement.

Every Other City We Go

...We see the same institutional racism. The most recent instance being reported is related to home appraisals after a mixed-race couple discovered removing all evidence of their Black family members would garner them an additional $135K.

Congress, What’s Good?

One new source of concern for Congress is the Director of National Intelligence’s decision to stop briefing Congress in person on election security. Citing leaks to the press, the DNI’s office says they’ll be providing regular updates in writing. Democrats, however, say this is another way for the Trump administration to minimize transparency when it comes to election security and integrity. Meanwhile, one Congressional Republican calls the lack of oversight in this moment a “historical crisis.”

The House is meeting with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to discuss the Coronavirus response. Other than that, they’re in chill mode until they officially return from recess in 2 weeks.

2020 Watch

The RNC was absolutely the scariest reality show we’ve ever seen, but in case you missed it, here are some takeaways.

Biden’s lead over Trump narrows.

Don’t know what’s gonna be on your ballot this November? It’s best to figure that out now to give yourself time to study the candidates/issues.

More Than a Vote, the organization founded by LeBron James & other NBA stars, are searching for young poll workers to volunteer at polling places in battleground states across the nation.

Around the Diaspora

As their COVID-19 cases decline, Nigeria will open its borders to international flights on September 5.

This Afro-Dominican poet and author wants to shine a proper light on Black people in the Latinx diaspora.

The island of Hispaniola, home to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, starts to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Laura took the lives of 20 and caused flooding and power outages last week.

Getting to the Money

The Come Up Series is a brand new YouTube channel that wants to equip you with the tools needed to meet your financial goals. For us & by us, this series aims to see more of the community achieve financial success.

Black Business Highlight: Get your side-eye on (or just mind your business while looking incredibly fashionable) with a new pair of sunglasses from Shady Side Up.

Culture that Pops

Two Black-owned banks merged to be the first Black-owned entity with over $1B in assets.

Merchandise proceeds from today’s battle of Brandy vs. Monica will go towards a good cause.

One of the Exonerated Five, Yusef Salaam, pens a letter to young people grappling with the events of today’s society.


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