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President Obama, We Miss You

A Tale of Two Presidents

Here’s how our President—Barack Obama—advised the people regarding the Coronavirus last week. He’s eloquent, level-headed and clear. He also tweeted a dope interactive article simulating how the virus can spread in various scenarios.

Here’s how yall’s President is handling the situation:

Congress, What’s Good? The House passed a Coronavirus relief bill to give a hand to the American people. The bill would give 2 weeks of paid sick leave for the population in general and up to 3 months for those actually infected by the virus. In a rare showing of bipartisan support, Donald Trump is eager to sign it. The Senate, however, not so much. The hesitation is surrounding

Beyond that, there isn’t much happening on the Hill this week.

2020 Watch

Georgia and Louisiana listen up. Your primaries have been pushed back due to the Ronas.

Other states are also making changes to their primary processes. Here’s how.

Joe Biden had another great Tuesday.

There was no diversity on last night’s debate stage, so it was tough to watch. Just in case you didn’t bother to tune in or you couldn’t finish it, here are the winners and losers.

What if we get to November and we’re still in the middle of a pandemic? There’s a super scary, but super legal, loophole that Republicans can use to snatch the election.

Around the Diaspora

Senegal is partnering with the UK to develop handheld COVID-19 tests.

The tables have turned and we aint mad at it. Africa restricts travel from the US, Europe, and China.

Has Ethiopia returned to some of its old ways? Members of the country’s largest ethnic group are complaining about restricted internet access and police beatings under the rule of their Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister

Culture that Pops

Simone Biles checks USA Gymnastics in response to them wishing her a happy birthday.

Multiple NBA players are donating money to help hourly arena workers during this time of need.

Jay Electronica FINALLY released his debut album and it’s got the people talking.

Issa & crew are returning to a screen new you very soon. Make sure you got your uncle’s homeboy’s sister’s HBO password on deck.


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