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We Did It, Y'all

The Latest with COVID

The latest in numbers: 24M total cases & 396K deaths

Some headlines:

Trump Makes History

...for being impeached twice. With only a few days left to his term, the House delivered a bipartisan charge (10 Republicans voted ‘yay’) against 45 for his role in inciting the riot at the Capitol on January 6. You might remember that he was also impeached in December 2019 for that Ukraine scandal. Talk about someone who just doesn’t know when to stop.

Now it’s up to the Senate to finish him off. With only two days left as POTUS, the biggest thing the Senate can do is to bar him from a 2024 run. Republicans, sadly but unsurprisingly, are still conflicted on what should ultimately take place.

Heads Up!

The IRS is delaying the start of the 2020 tax season to February 12. Don’t get caught up though because the deadline to file is still April 15, 2021.

Bout Time

The former governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, and 8 others are charged for their actions that led to the Flint water crisis that began in 2014.

Criminal Justice Round Up

Illinois abolishes cash bail, makes it easier to get rid of no-good cops, and restricts deadly force.

New York State’s Attorney General Letitia James is suing NYPD for abuses during last summer’s BLM protests.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

More deets from Biden’s $1.9T, three-part stimulus plan have been revealed. Get the full picture here.

Security is TIGHT tight leading up to Wednesday’s inauguration as Trump supporters allegedly plan for another disruption in DC and at state capitols around the country.

It feels good to know that Joe Biden believes in science. So much so that he’s elevated his science advisor to his cabinet. Take a look at the rest of his science team, which includes two Black women.

Jamie Harrison (former SC senatorial candidate) and Keisha Lance-Bottoms (Mayor of ATL) have been named chair and vice-chair of the Democratic National Convention. Clearly Biden recognizes that Black folks are the backbone of the Democratic Party.

Congress, What’s Good?

Congress is generally taking it easy this Inauguration week. The Senate will reconvene to examine the nominations of Biden’s picks and the House will meet to determine if Biden’s pick for Secretary of the Department of Defense, General Lloyd Austin, can bypass a law that says he must be a civilian for 7 years. Austin has only been out of the military for 5.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers want to recognize Eugene Goodman, the Capitol Police officer who lured white terrorists in the Capitol away from Senators, with the Congressional medal of freedom.

Around the Diaspora

D.R. will not be administering the vaccine to undocumented Haitian immigrants.

Brazil and South Africa also have their own strains of COVID-19 and it’s stressing the science world out.

Tech hubs across Africa are giving universities a run for their money.

Getting to the Money

Got your own podcast but not sure how to secure the advertisers? Pandora has got you covered with a panel about building authentic brand partnerships happening tomorrow, January 19.

Founders & entrepreneurs, how’s this for inspiration? Meet the 9 Black-owned tech startups that have potential to be the industry’s next unicorn.

Buying Black

Drink your water and mind your business with La Cave Imports’ water bottles. Their eco-friendly bottles provide thermal insulation for 12-24 hours and keep you updated on your water’s temperature with LED temperature displays. Learn more about the brand here and make your purchase here.

Culture that Pops

Sony is partnering with the National Museum of African American Music on a scholarship to introduce students to music history through the lens of African American life and culture.

Apple has launched a $100M initiative to challenge systemic racism across the US. That money will go to HBCUs, venture capital funding for Black & brown businesses & more.

Rihanna & H.E.R. join Jay-Z as investors of Black-owned Partake, an allergy-friendly cookie brand.


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