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Times Is Hard

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 41M total cases & 660K deaths (+1M & +12K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

The Biden administration has filed a suit against the state of Texas for that ridiculous abortion bill they signed into law a couple weeks ago.

With the US Embassy in Afghanistan now being closed (and the war being officially over), it’s become more difficult for Biden to keep his promise to evacuate all allies from the country, now ruled by the Taliban.

Last week, VP Kamala went back home to California to show support to Governor Gavin Newsom as he faces being recalled and replaced with a Black version of Donald Trump.

Congress, What’s Good?

Joe Manchin’s spidey senses must have been tingling, telling him that there was too much hope in the air. The West Virginia Senator recently announced he was only willing to support $1.5T in a budget that was originally supposed to be $3.5T.

In response, progressive Democrats in the House say not getting the full $3.5T in the budget (which they intended to use towards combating climate change, free community college, paid family & sick leave, etc.) will drive them to block the infrastructure bill. Who needs Republicans when Democrats can’t get it together amongst themselves?

Welp. Recess is over, so here’s a look at some of what Congress will be meeting on this week:

Social Justice Round Up

Texas’ new voting rights bill, which will empower partisan poll watchers, regularly purge voters from rolls, & make it more difficult to vote overall, was signed into law by Governor Abbott last week. Are they winning the race for the most oppressive leadership in the country?

Black children in California are more likely to be injured by police than their white peers.

Wakanda where? After hearing 17 hours of community objections, ATL’s city council voted 10-4 to proceed with an 85-acre police training academy. Community groups fear ‘Cop City’ would further militarize law enforcement and pose a public safety hazard to the community.

A 130-year statue of traitor Robert E. Lee was removed in Richmond, Virginia amid chants of “Black Lives Matter” from spectators. While there weren’t any reports of their reactions, it is believed that all racist “Patriots” went to cry in a corner.

Around the Diaspora

Kenya’s drought has now been declared a national disaster. Currently 2.1M people are affected by acute food shortages and the number is expected to increase as the year comes to an end.

Cuba has become the first country to vaccinate children as young as 2.

Temporary Protected Status in the US has been extended for Haitians until December 2022. Some will also be eligible for their status to be extended to February 2023.

Getting to the Money

Are you a pregnant person who happens to be Black? If so, Dove wants to ensure you have the best birthing experience. Through the end of 2021, they are giving out 192 grants of $1300 for Black parents to secure the services of a doula. Apply here.

Buying Black

Looking for dietary supplements so that you can live your best life? There’s a Black-owned option for that. It goes by the name of Body Complete Rx. Whether you’re in need of a multivitamin, protein supplements or help with losing weight, this Black woman-owned company pretty much has it all. Why waste time looking elsewhere?

Culture that Pops

Whether you knew him as Omar, Chalky White, or Montrose, Michael K. Williams left an impression on you in anything you saw him perform in. Here’s how some of his peers are remembering the giant talent we lost last week.

Bless her heart. This Black woman is the first to become a pit member in the racist-ass world of NASCAR.

We respect his commitment to the hustle (or is it scamming 🤔), but do we trust him? Ja Rule has created his own cryptocurrency and launched a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace.


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