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Things We Should Stop

Things we wish could stop: Biden's quest for a 2nd term, the US making COVID's mistakes with monkeypox. Congress' seemingly unlimited PTO days, + the GOPs momentum going into the midterms

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 88M total cases & 1M total deaths (+761K & +2K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

  • Is America stupid enough to make the same mistakes with monkeypox that it did with COVID 2 years ago? So far, it looks like the answer to that might be YES.

  • Did y’all notice COVID is surging again? Let this be the one wave that you don’t catch.

  • Also, while outside is safer, it doesn’t appear to be as effective of a measure to prevent infections anymore. Is it time to rethink outdoor gatherings?


Unable to sit by while the Supreme Court struck down federally-protected abortion rights, Joe Biden signed an executive order aimed at protecting the right to choose. Here’s what the order aims to do:

  • Protect patient data

  • Ensure abortion medication & contraceptives remain available through the mail

  • Secure abortion clinics

  • Guarantee medical care in case of an emergency (This will help medical providers act quickly to stabilize pregnant patients instead of wasting time weighing the legal risks of performing an abortion and potentially losing the patient’s life)

While it’s a first step, advocates say it doesn’t do enough for those most affected by the ruling. (BTW, “not doing enough” seems like the story of Biden’s presidency. Y’all think he’s tired of hearing that yet?)

Back to the subject at hand…a nationwide ban would also be vetoed if a Republican-led Congress were to pass one while Biden is in office.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Should there be a maximum age limit on the presidency? Biden, who’s planning to run again, would be 82 years old at a second inauguration.

Something you can maybe thank your Commander in Chief for: lower prices at the pump.

In a world where Biden does not run in 2024 and Kamala takes his place, a recent poll says the VPOTUS would beat Ron DeSantis (the current governor of Florida & a likely successor of 45).

Also, Kamala Harris says Brittney Griner’s freedom is a priority for the Biden administration.

Congress, What’s Good?

With less than a month before they go on vacation again, your elected officials in DC have a lot to tackle. They plan to vote to codify Roe v. Wade (it will fail in the Senate again), discuss legislation that might trigger public alerts in active shooter emergencies, and ferociously pursue (or deny) efforts to check more off Biden’s agenda in the coming weeks.

Steve Bannon, once Donnie’s right hand, is also testifying in the Jan. 6 committee hearings soon. While many are expecting a bombshell testimony–especially in light of Trump waiving executive privilege–we won’t be holding our breath for anything shocking. All Trump & friends ever do is play games on big stages and we need to protect our energy from the entitlement and brash whiteness that has so far kept them above reproach.

This week in committee meetings:

Election Watch: 2022 Midterms

Maryland’s July 19 primary is next on the list. Check out other upcoming elections and brush up on how to vote in your state.

Stacey Abrams has raised $22M in the last 2 months while Brian Kemp has only received $7M in the same time. Hopefully this is a case of big bank taking little bank’s spot as Georgia’s next Governor.

In an evenly split Senate, every seat is critical. Here are the 10 seats most likely to flip in November.

Social Justice Round Up

What’s that about police transparency? A new Arizona law says it’s illegal to film the police from a distance of 8 feet or less.

Those applying for a concealed carry permit in New York, better be prepared to let the state read their DMs because they now must submit their social media accounts for review. What do y’all think? Will this approach work to prevent some guns from getting into the hands of the wrong people?

No shit: Border patrol agents used unnecessary force against Haitian migrants at the US-Mexico border last September.

Around the Diaspora

Antigua’s highest court ruled that the country’s ban on same-sex intimacy was unconstitutional. Prior to the ruling, intimacy between people of the same sex carried up to 15 years in prison.

As Ethiopia prepares for peace talks between its federal government and the breakaway Tigray region, reports of killings continue. When, or how, does the fighting actually just stop??

This Gambian musician is fighting climate change in his home country by planting 1M trees over the next 5 years.

Residents in Lagos are bracing themselves as torrential rainfall descends upon the city. Send up prayers and positive vibes for them.

Getting to the Money

If you’d like to make a career switch over to the tech industry, but don’t know where to begin, The JobFather is holding a quick session giving you the keys to success. Reserve your spot at the July 20 event here.

ShearShare is a Black-owned company helping beauty professionals rent out their spaces to others looking for space to work out of. Check them out as it’s a sure way to make some extra change regardless of what side of the equation you’re on (host or professional looking for a space).

Buying Black

Gilded Body wants you to live this life luxuriously. Shop their body brushes (to exfoliate your skin), scented candles, bath salts, and body oils to treat your body good good.

Culture that Pops

Learn more about Goodr, a Black-led company that focuses on solving issues around food insecurity. The promising startup just raised $8M in Series A funding.

This 13-year-old graduated high school, completed her undergraduate studies, and got accepted into medical school in just 1 year.

Issa Rae wants us all to know that we can turn the “Nos” we receive into “Yes, TF we cans.” Here’s how.


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