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Thanks, Black People

Everybody’s Talking the Coronavirus

...So much so, that stock markets are looking like they want that old thing (2008’s recession) back and the US suffers its first two deaths as a result of the outbreak.

Mike Pence has been named the government’s official correspondent, but that’s messy already because everything is political AF, you can’t always trust the administration to give straight facts (like, have you ever?), and Pence himself is known to try to pray the sick away when the situation calls for action. What can you do in the midst of all the craziness? We recommended following the CDC closely is probably the best bet from an information POV. Also, make sure you’re taking these precautions in your everyday life to protect yourself and those around you.

Congress, What’s Good? The House officially passed its bill to make lynching a federal crime in a 410-4 vote. The 4 nay voters are 3 Republicans and 1 Republican-gone-Independent. Go figure.

While the Senate passed their version of the bill last year, they’ll need to vote again, this time on the House’s measure, because of a difference in the titles.

A few big topics for Congress this week:

2020 Watch

After weeks of hearing he was down and out, Joe Biden snagged his first primary win in South Carolina. He should be thanking Black people for a good ass week.

Pete Buttigieg unexpectedly hung up his running shoes. He can also also thank Black people for how well his week turned out.

Super Tuesday is tomorrow and 14 states will be headed to the polls. Here’s how the experts are predicting how the day will go.

Stay woke though. Trump is still coming for your vote and he isn’t afraid to speak your language.

Around the Diaspora

Antigua gets its chance to shine on big screens with its reimagination of Peter Pan.

This beauty pageant wants to showcase African women in the UK and their cultural traditions.

Nigeria confirms the first case of the Coronavirus in sub-Saharan Africa. The patient is an Italian citizen who works in Lagos.

Did you miss Trinidad Carnival this year? Help yourself to some serious FOMO (or those “take me back” feels) with these pics from the greatest fete on earth.

Culture that Pops

This UCLA gymnast bodied her floor routine with the help of Queen Bey.

George Mason University has hired its first Black president.

Keeping the Black Excellence going at the highest levels of academia, Wharton School of Business also just named its first woman as dean in its 139-year history. To state the obvious: Sis is Black. Duh.


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