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Spring is Springing

Emmett Till's family is still fighting. Racist and classist America is persisting. Black women are self-caring. And Democrats are...prolly still on their way out in November.

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 81M total cases & 990K total deaths (+328K & +3K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Joe Biden announced that Ukraine will be receiving another $1.3B in military & economic assistance from the US.

Though some might be applauding the POTUS for helping Ukraine fight the war, others want him to do more to help Ukrainian refugees, saying his administration’s resettlement program for them isn’t enough. Surely, Black migrants and other non-white asylum seekers would have something to say about that.

VP Harris is losing another member of her circle. This time, it’s her chief of staff.

Kamala Harris has also been tapped as the commencement speaker at Tennessee State University, an HBCU.

Congress, What’s Good?

Congress returns to Capitol Hill after a 2-week break and they’ve got COVID funding and budgets, budgets & mo’ budgets on the brain. Will they actually get anything done though?

A few interesting topics on this week’s committee meeting schedule are below:

Election Watch: 2022 Midterms

Florida’s governor redrew his state’s congressional maps and cut Black folks’ political power in half in the process.

Despite what recent headlines have suggested, young voters are still likely to stick beside Democrats in November.

If Republicans become the majority from the midterms, Hunter Biden best believe they’ll be coming after him.

You can also bet your last dollar that they’ll spend the next 2 years finding all the reasons to impeach Joe Biden.

Social Justice Round Up

Tennessee passed a law that criminalizes homelessness, making it illegal to sleep or solicit money from others in certain areas. This country has plenty of resources & opportunities to be best (like Melania said) and it just refuses every single time.

420 came, made white people in the cannabis industry a lot of money, and went. Meanwhile, our people remain locked up for doing it first.

These Black climate activists are showing fossil fuel companies that they want all the smoke.

Around the Diaspora

African countries that produce natural gas (like Nigeria & Congo) are getting more business from Europe as sanctions against Russia persist, but is it turning out to be a deadly business venture?

A 7,500 mile long subsea cable is supposed to give Togo, Namibia & other parts of West Africa stronger & faster internet connectivity.

This Afro-Colombian woman & climate activist is now a leading candidate as the country’s next VP and surviving smear attempts with grace.

Getting to the Money

Quit your job recently? Don’t forget about your retirement savings too. Let Hi Capitalize help you roll over your retirement to an IRA account.

If your search for a new job seems to be going on forever with seemingly no end in sight, here are some tips to help with burnout.

Buying Black

With the arrival of spring and summer comes more reasons to gather with your loved ones over good food, strong dranks, and intense games of dominoes and spades. If you’re a spades champ (like most Black folks claim to be), upgrade your playing cards with a new deck or two from Blvck Spades. (Ps. If you’re not a spades champ, check out this IG tutorial for tips.)

Culture that Pops

Emmett Till’s family is still seeking justice from his accuser. This time, for kidnapping.

Can Black veganism decolonize soul food??

Practice self-care, but make it educational. That’s what this college student is doing with her $20K scholarship that’ll fund her research on Black women prioritizing self-care.


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