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Sick & Tired

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 76M total cases & 901K total deaths (+2M & +18K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

Again, Unfortunately

Minneapolis police killed 22 year-old Amir Locke while executing a no-knock warrant last Wednesday. Amir was not a target of the warrant & was startled out of his sleep by officers barging in. While assessing what was happening, he reached for the gun that he legally carried. Police tried to justify the murder by saying he pointed the weapon at them, but body camera footage determined that was a lie.

There are no words to describe having to experience this over & over. Our prayers go out to Amir’s loved ones.

More HBCU Bomb threats

13 HBCUs started off Black History Month on lockdown (again) after receiving bomb threats on February 1. Authorities have apparently identified the suspects as 6 “tech-savvy” juveniles. Describing terrorists as tech-savvy? That pretty much confirms what we already knew about their race.

We seriously hate that our young people can’t even feel safe on our own campuses. America is feeling extra Jim Crow-ish these days.

‘Cause We All Need It

Looking for therapy for free or for the low low? Here are 4 options from Black in Corporate.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

In an effort to stop gun violence, Biden asked Congress for $300M to put more community police officers on the street and for another $200M for local gun violence prevention organizations. Wanna know exactly how they define “community policing?” Here you go.

Headless robot dogs may soon be at the US-Mexico border to give “mechanical reinforcement” to patrol agents. These patrol dogs will allegedly be unarmed, unlike the ones with sniper rifles that are produced by the same manufacturer. First racist agents & now robot dogs. How is Biden doing on improving Trump’s harsh immigration policies?

Is Kamala Harris still struggling to find how she can really add value as a VP?

Congress, What’s Good?

Efforts to avoid a government shutdown before February 18 are underway and with the House on recess (again!) the week of February 14, time is ticking. Republicans don’t seem to be threatening inaction from jump this time though, so maybe they’ll get somewhere.

Last week, Joe Manchin reiterated the Build Back Better plan is “dead,” but that he’s still willing to revive some parts of the bill. What parts, you ask? Universal Pre-K, reducing carbon emissions and healthcare subsidies.

In committee meetings this week:

Social Justice Round Up

California is shutting down its death row. The state will fully transition nearly 700 death row inmates into the general prison population by the end of 2024.

Interested in learning more about the status of no-knock warrants around the nation? This organization that’s working to end them for good can help.

Brian Flores, the Black head coach of the Miami Dolphins is suing the NFL for racial discrimination. While we want to feel surprised & outraged like everyone else…Kaepernick told y’all 5 years ago.

Around the Diaspora

Senegal defeats Egypt to win its first ever Africa Cup of Nations football championship.

People across the Motherland need to be vaccinated 6 times faster than they are currently to help the continent reach a 70% vaccination rate.

Afro-Colombians are heavily impacted by their country’s recent uptick in violence & displacement.

Getting to the Money

Do you love tech, but believe it should be used to meet the needs of underserved communities? Are you also in a graduate program (or recently finished one)? If so, consider applying for the Kapor Fellows: Venture Capital program. During this 10-week paid internship, you’ll get the chance to work with 6 diverse VC funds & the tech startups they believe will help change the world. Psst. They’re also willing to make exceptions for those who aren’t grad students. Applications close on March 1.

Kapor Capital is also still looking for their next Senior Director of Talent. Learn more about the role here.

Consumer product platform Very Great is hiring for a few remote-friendly roles like Product Manager, Retention Marketing Manager and Social Media Intern. If you’re based in the US & available for Eastern Time meetings, you’re already on your way to getting hired. Check out their job descriptions to see if anything is a right fit.

Buying Black

Is it just us, or does it seem like everyone is pregnant these days?? Instead of taking Pampers or Huggies to that next baby shower, consider TinkyPoo Diapers. Black-owned, super absorbent & toxin free. Our babies deserve.

Culture that Pops

This Black woman launched a free grocery store to combat food insecurity for senior citizens in Atlanta.

Ms. Opal Lee, also known as the “Grandmother of Juneteenth,” was nominated for a 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. After fighting to make Juneteenth a federal holiday for more than 40 years, an honor of this magnitude is the bare minimum.

Looking for more ways to commemorate Black History Month? Here are 28 movies you should watch this month.


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