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Shout out to the Black Girls

Misogynoir (the dislike or contempt for Black women) is always on. This past weekend however, with LSU winning the women's basketball championship, the volume was turned up to its highest setting. Shout out to the Black girls who don't care. Also shout out to the Black girls/women battling bipolar disorder as misogynoir also impacts how they're able to manage and treat their mental health.

What the Health

The latest COVID numbers: 104M total cases & 1M total deaths (+138K & +2K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

  • Bipolar disorder shows up differently in Black women.

  • Finally, there might be a treatment to help those suffering from long COVID.

  • According to the CDC, non-Hispanic Black folks are 1.3 times more likely to be obese than their white counterparts. Within that, 4 out of 5 Black women are also said to be obese. Here’s how one Black man altered his health outcomes by changing his diet.

  • If there was one thing that could really help change our health, this study said it’d be clean air.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Donnie got indicted for his role in paying off an adult film star ahead of his presidential run. When asked about his thoughts on the matter, Biden said his name was Bennett.

Check out how your after-tax income might change according to the POTUS’ new budget proposal.

As Joe prepares to end the public health emergency on May 11, up to 15M people are expected to lose their Medicaid health insurance. Black and Hispanic people, children, and young adults stand to be the most impacted.

During her trip to the Motherland, Kamala Harris claims the US will support African agriculture.

Congress, What’s Good?

In the aftermath of a mass shooting in Nashville that took 6 lives, Congress is again at odds regarding guns and gun control. House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries pressed his GOP counterpart to hold a vote on “common sense gun safety legislation” and McCarthy of course said, “Nah.” Instead, Republicans decided to do 2 things: say Congress “doesn’t have any real role” in the matter and attack the domestic terrorist who committed this crime only because they identified as trans.

Over in the Senate, Democrat John Fetterman was treated for depression and Republican Lindsey Graham shed a few tears and joined a chorus of his colleagues in claiming that Trump should commit a crime or incite violence in the wake of his indictment. Real cute, Lindsey.

There aren’t any committee meetings for the next 2 weeks. Congress is taking a break for the Easter holiday.

Social Justice Round Up

Storms in the South & Midwest destroy towns and kill almost 3 dozen. Registration for FEMA assistance is now open.

After falsely imprisoning a young man for a rape he didn’t commit and forcing him to register as a sex offender, the State of New York must now pay him $5.5M.

California just passed the nation’s first law that will penalize Big Oil for gas price gouging.

Utah just banned kids under 18 from using social media between the hours of 10:30 pm and 6:30am without parental consent. What happened to them being opposed to big government? How will they even enforce this?

White fragility claims another victim. The Ruby Bridges film was banned from an elementary school in Florida.

Around the Diaspora

A damn shame: some in South Africa have to borrow money to put food on their tables.

Belize is now requiring a visa for Haitians and proof of a fully paid, non-refundable hotel reservation from Jamaicans seeking to enter the country. These changes are in response to an increased number of visitors passing through on their way to the United States.

In Sudan, the transition to a new civilian government has been delayed due to disagreements between its military and pro-democracy paramilitary.

Getting to the Money

There’s always a good reason to have a mentor. Digital Brand Architects has opened up applications for their 2023 mentorship program, which aims to help Black creators excel in brand development, social media marketing and content marketing. Applications close on Monday, April 10. Get to it.

Buying Black

If it’s one thing we gon’ do, it’s innovate the hell out of something…even if it already exists. Our current favorite example of this is Opulence Nobles’ Weekender bag. It’s a stylish and compact garment and duffle bag with space for all the other essentials needed for a short weekend trip. Maybe something like this exists someplace else and it doesn’t surprise anyone, but y’all know us…always rooting for somebody Black. Check out a video of how the bag works here.

Culture that Pops

Upon securing the chip for the NCAA women’s basketball championship, Angel Reese, a Black player from LSU taunted a white player from Iowa and sparked a racist debate about “class.” (This is despite the white player being celebrated for taunting another opponent the same way last week.) Thank goodness Angel knows her worth and told her haters exactly where they could go.

Ladies leave yo man at home. (Just kidding…maybe.) Lauryn Hill & Megan Thee Stallion are headlining the 2023 Essence Festival.

This Black pilot started his own foundation to make careers in aviation is accessible to others in the community. Shoutout to him lifting as he climbs.


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