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Progress with Decriminalization

About those Testimonies 

The impeachment inquiry into the Trump-Ukraine scandal moved forward last week with some critical testimonies providing a bit more clarity into the main question of the investigation: This was, without a doubt, 45’s attempt at a quid pro quo. Still unclear of what exactly this means? It’s similar to the time when your brother said he’d would only cover for you sneaking out if you downloaded and burned the latest Roc-A-Fella album on a CD. See...we been knowing quid pro quos all of our lives. 

Between the impeachment witnesses who were requested by Democrats and others that Republicans hoped would help support their case, everyone pretty much said the same thing: Your President is guilty AF. Seems like impeachment (not removal) for Trump is inevitable right? Could be, but perhaps Republicans quietly have a trick up their sleeve.

In this Week’s Edition of “I’m Tired of White People...”

What do Harriet Tubman and Julia Roberts have in common? Absolutely nothing, but that was enough for a Hollywood exec to suggest Roberts portray the abolitionist icon. The caucasity.

Making Strides in Decriminalization

In a move that Okay Boomer’d Joe Biden (although he’s not a Baby Boomer), the House made a significant stride this week in the quest to legalize marijuana. The House Judiciary committee was the first to pass the MORE Act, setting it up to eventually be voted on by the full body of Representatives. In short, this bill would remove marijuana from the federal list of controlled substances, mandate that all past convictions are cleared from criminal records, and provide a way for more brown faces to enter the disproportionately white cannabis industry.


What comes next? The bill is currently under consideration by other House committees and the sentiment coming out of those groups could impact how quickly it reaches the House floor. Then, there are those Republicans in the Senate. The bill may not make it past them, but this milestone proves the legalization train ain’t slowing down anytime soon.

Congress, What’s Good?

With Thanksgiving approaching, the lights are off on the Hill. The circus will be back early next week.

2020 Watch

Here are 10 takeaways from last week’s debate.

Never having gained traction on the national front, Wayne Messam drops out.


Ay dios mio...Michael Bloomberg just made it official.

People are concerned about Biden’s mental fitness again, but his onstage gaffes could be from a childhood stuttering problem.

Around the Diaspora

China is clearly tricking on Ghana, but is the latest deal really what’s best for the Ghanaian people?

After signing a peace treaty last year, the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia is once again closed. Will change actually come?

St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago and other CARICOM nations met with members of six major US banks and well as members of the House to discuss strengthening relationships between the islands and stateside financial institutions. Auntie Maxine is committed to seeing that things work in favor of the Caribbean nations.

Culture that Pops

Nipsey, Lizzo, and Lil Nas X each made appearances on the list of nominees for the 2020 Grammy Awards. See who else made it for their contributions to the Culture.

Queen & Slim is hitting theaters this week. Is it the best love story captured on camera?

Want to feel good about your holiday shopping? Check out this 2019 holiday gift guide featuring Black-owned businesses only.

Viola Davis will be channelling Michelle Obama on our TV screens very soon.


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