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Poor Lil Rudy

Poor Lil’ Rudy

Remember when Rudy Giuliani was considered “America’s Mayor?” Well, now the rest of the world can see the aint-shitness that some (ahem...Black) New Yorkers have been talking about for years. Trump’s personal lawyer is finding himself further and further up shit’s creek without a paddle and almost without a boat as his dealings in the Ukraine are becoming more clear. What we know so far is that he positioned himself to make big bank from Ukraine in the midst of the impeachment scandal unfolding. Plus, he was named honorary mayor in a small Ukrainian village. Weird, we know. Also, he’s being investigated on up to 9 charges in the state of New York,, so it’s only a matter of time before more dirt comes out. Perhaps the clearest sign of this is his bestie Trump is distancing he does with everyone he’s getting ready to throw under the bus. 

  • Trump and his White House will have no parts of the impeachment shenanigans

  • Lawmakers will now start reviewing a report that summarizes the testimonies

  • Donald McGahn (former White House) must appear before Congress...for now

Congress, What’s Good?

Foreign policy towards Russia, travel and trade at US ports of entry, and most importantly, getting rid of those bloody robocalls

2020 Watch

Is Buttigieg having trouble connecting with Latino voters too?

Bernie is outchea with another idea for the HBCU tuition.

One of Kamala Harris’ aides resigned recently in a letter that was full of fighting words.

All these presidential candidates and not a single one of them is as loved as Obama. Maybe they should learn something from him.

Around the Diaspora

Akon is building his own city in Africa. Senegal, to be exact.

This Ugandan-British poet rejected an offer to become a member of the Order of the British Empire because of the “pure evil” impact colonization has had on Africa. Shout out to not being afraid to speak truth to power.

Some Trinidadians packed up their lives and their kids to fight alongside ISIS in Syria. Will the T&T government allow the children to come back home

Culture that Pops

Have you heard of Abena’s Flight Deals? If not, get acquainted. They are in the business of finding you cheap flights to the Motherland and to places around the African Diaspora, like Belize, Morocco, Ghana, etc. 

Renowned shit talker and Super Bowl champ Richard Sherman recently let his actions speak louder than his words by donating $7K to relieve an elementary school’s cafeteria debt.

Ever heard of Barbara Hillary? Us neither. Miss Hillary recently passed, but she was the first Black woman to reach both the North and the South poles...and she accomplished this in her 70s. Talk about living a life full of inspiration.


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