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Paging President Trump

The Latest on the Coronavirus

You’ve probably seen the statistic all over IG this weekend. We’re at nearly 100K deaths across the country from COVID-19. The New York Times has dedicated themselves to remembering those that have been lost.

Unemployment numbers have now reached 38 million since March 19, 2020. 43 states saw unprecedented unemployment claims in April.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been...

  • Golfing and (inaccurately) comparing his many minutes on the course to Obama’s.

  • Demanding that states reopen their churches.

  • Tweeting about his former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and women he can’t stand (including Hillary, Nancy, and Stacey).

Congress, What’s Good?

Mitch McConnell says the Senate isn’t ready to pass another Coronavirus relief package, but they are ready to cut off the weekly $600 in federal unemployment insurance, a direct contrast to the House’s most recent bill. McConnell is ready for one thing though and that is protecting businesses. Not you small ones though, so don’t get any ideas.

Oh and Nancy Pelosi called Trump “morbidly obese” last week, hence his motivation for the aforementioned Twitter insults.

On the to-do list this week:

2020 Watch

Joe Biden wants you to know that if you don’t vote for him, you ain’t Black.

Donald Trump’s campaign is capitalizing on Biden’s latest PR crisis and we’ve got to say...he is a master at trolling.

BTW, if North Carolina doesn’t confirm it’ll be open to host the Republican National Convention in August, Donald is ready to find another state that will.

Attention New Yorkers, your Democratic primary election is back on. June 23 is still the date. Here’s how you can vote by mail.

Around the Diaspora

Yesterday was Africa Day, a day to celebrate the continent’s strides against colonializyion and apartheid was yesterday. Idris Elba hosted a virtual celebration yesterday, which also sought to provide food and health assistance to the Motherland..

Jamaicans prepare to return to work on June 1. Also young professional Jamaicans living in the US are eyeing a move back home because America is the ghetto.

Dear Sudanese government, your lack of leadership is still showing.

Madagascar is claiming they’ve found a cure for COVID-19.

Getting to the Money

If you’re looking to transform your money situation for good, My Fab Finance is ready to help. Targeting women specifically, their tips are relatable and applicable to men and women alike.

Black Business Highlight: La Femme Lux Life wants you to get your life together, one planner or sticky note at a time. Started by 2 best friends, they’re giving you solutions to all your procrastinating & productivity problems.

Culture that Pops

We saw the best Verzuz battle yet (and probably ever) with Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. If you missed it, catch the replay.

This Black-owned fashion label said, “No crowds? No problem.” Watch their fashion show with 3D digital models.

This little girl pressed Crayola for not having a crayon to match her brown skin and the company responded with a box that represents all shades across the melanin spectrum.


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