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Oh Health, No.

Insulin is finally capped at $35. Structural racism has real-life health impacts on our Community, and the GOP doesn't want anyone to invest in environmentally-conscious companies. It's almost like these people have only been out to fill their pockets at the expense of us & our health. Our minds are blown.

What the Health

The latest COVID numbers: 103M total cases & 1M total deaths (+238K & +4K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Y’all President had a cancerous lesion removed last week.

Democrats are coming to terms with the idea that Biden will likely be their 2024 candidate. Some even believe he will win again.

Y’all, let’s just mentally prepare for paying our student loans again. No decision has been made yet, but the Supreme Court Justices didn’t seem to be buying what Biden was putting down in his loan forgiveness program.

Congress, What’s Good?

The House and Senate, led by the GOP, are so against “woke culture” that they’ve decided that they need to choose how other people invest their money. They voted to block retirement plan managers from considering environmentally- and socially-conscious factors when making investments on behalf of pension plan participants. Biden intends to veto the decision.

It took them long enough: the House Ethics Committee is finally investigating George Santos, the pathological liar who spun a web of lies to get elected last November.

Congress’ order to ban TikTok on government devices has moved forward.The app must be removed from all government agency phones by the end of this month. Here’s how this move could impact the everyday user down the line.

Last time Joe Manchin checked, he was the man in these streets. The West Virginia Democrat told Fox News that he won’t consider cutting Social Security & Medicare, but calls for exploration around better, more sustainable replacements.

A few committee meeting topics for this week:

Social Justice Round Up

LAPD’s police union no longer wants to send armed officers to calls involving noise complaints, welfare checks, mental health crises, and more.

More lenient COVID-era Medicaid eligibility rules could be snatched away soon, but Arkansas is working overtime to get folks off ASAP.

Florida been Floridaing: GOP lawmakers want to cancel the Democratic Party, Governor DeSantis is transforming a college into an incubator for conservatism, and classroom bookshelves continue to empty out.

Around the Diaspora

Nigeria held its presidential election last week and while many called foul on the results, the new president promises to represent all.

The DR Congo has asked the colonizer to get involved in an issue with their neighbor. They’ve requested France impose sanctions on Rwanda for the latter’s suspected support of Congolese rebels. (Note, Rwanda has denied all allegations.)

CARICOM members seek urgent support from the organization to help protect Haitian citizens from gang violence.

African students who’ve fled Ukraine are being told to return to the war-torn country to finish their studies or lose the opportunity to complete their degrees at all.

Getting to the Money

If you’re looking for your tax refund, the IRS says it should reach you less than 3 weeks after you’ve filed. You can check with the IRS directly on the status of your refund here.

Buying Black

Raise your hands if taking down braids or cornrows made you regret your decision to get them in the first place. The Unbraider says they have a solution to your problems. The Unbraider is a comb that’s made to take down 4-8 braids at once while also ensuring your hair is detangled. Sounds life changing, right?? Thank us later.

Culture that Pops

Two of the remaining survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre have received Ghanaian citizenship.

Why can’t Black men be soft? The promo trail for ‘Creed III’ has got some of y’all showing your toxicity. Real bad.

Draymond Green wants no more parts of Black History Month because we should be learning and celebrating it year round. Does he have a point?


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