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Nice for What?

If we had to pick a song title for Black folks talking about Queen Elizabeth's passing, it'd be "Nice for What?" Seriously though. Why are folks expected to "not speak ill of the dead" if the person in question was a colonizing-ass oppressor?

What the Health

The latest in COVID numbers: 95M total cases & 1M total deaths (+463K & +3K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Joe Biden wants to eliminate cancer once & for all.

The POTUS & team want to increase domestic production of semiconductor chips, a critical piece that’s used in cars and many everyday appliances. Currently China is a big producer of the chip, but pandemic-related supply chain issues have impacted supply.

Apparently, Kamala Harris is currently the only person willing to stick beside Biden’s 2024 ambitions.

Congress, What’s Good?

It’s time to watch your elected officials fight over how to fund the government again. Fun. While we know Republicans will likely put up a fight, progressive Dems in both chambers might also put up resistance due to a side deal Chuck Schumer made with Manchin to earn his support on the Inflation Reduction Act. Crazy how that boy Manchin is always in some shit.

The Senate is also expected to start on a bill to protect marriage equality in the wake of the Supreme Court gutting abortion rights. The House passed a bipartisan bill of its own in July. No telling whether the Senate will have the same level of support with its GOP members.

Here’s a taste of what’s happening in this week’s committee meetings:

Election Watch: 2022 Midterms

Delaware, New Hampshire & Rhode Island are the last states to hold primaries. Share this information with someone who lives there to make sure they’re all set for voting tomorrow.

Some pollsters feel more comfortable saying that Democrats actually have the juice in the Senate races.

The Black woman running to become a US Senator for South Carolina is facing pressure from her own colleagues after being exposed for saying white people needed to be treated like shit in order for them to respect her.

Social Justice Round Up

Another Black city’s water crisis is gaining publicity (There are more on the low). Baltimore is under its own boil water advisory after E. coli was found in some parts of the city.

Here’s a reason why you should always question everything you read/see/hear: CNN’s new law enforcement analyst was formerly part of NYPD and resigned after he was caught lying about surveilling the local Muslim community. Do we really expect him to provide an analysis that is independent of any bias? Hell nah.

California is working to protect workers’ rights to smoke weed when not at work.

Republicans in South Carolina can’t figure out how extreme they wanna be in the state’s new abortion bill.

Around the Diaspora

Black Twitter & Irish Twitter can agree on one thing: there’s no need to keep it cute about Queen Elizabeth.

Doesn’t seem like there’s much room in Black Britons’ heart for King Charles, either.

As for the Commonwealth, Antigua & Barbuda is already considering the removal of King Charles as their head of state.

In Sudan, 12M people are now facing the threat of an acute hunger crisis.

Getting to the Money

If you just gave birth & need help finding work on your terms, check out The Mom Project’s talent community. The roles posted there are with employers who say they’re family friendly and will give you the flexibility to take care of what matters most. In addition to job postings, The Mom Project also offers career resources to find & succeed in your next role. Not for you personally? Share with someone you know that can benefit.

Buying Black

The holidays will be here soon and if you’re considering adding a lil razzle dazzle to your staple dishes, pick up The Kitchenista’s Holiday Recipe e-book. We’ve had fun (& amazing) meals while testing out the recipes to see if they’re worthy of making it to our Thanksgiving or table. We think you will too.

Culture that Pops

While Black women have been killing it in tennis in recent years, Frances Tiafoe is the first Black man since Arthur Ashe to make it to the US Open. His run in the tournament, though over, is inspiring Black children all over the world.

Need a new show to keep you entertained? Check out what’s Black on TV this week.

A musical about the life of Muhammad Ali is on the way. This should be good if it’s in the right people’s hands.


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