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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Check out this week's Bite to: discover organizations committed to keeping our emotional wellness in check, find resources to make the job search less stressful, and learn what classic movies are turning 20 this year for a throwback to (hopefully) simpler times.

What the Health

The latest COVID numbers: 104M total cases & 1M total deaths (+88K & +1K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:



Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Like many of us, the POTUS is tired of the “thoughts and prayers” after the nation’s 202nd mass shooting this year.

Less than 35% of survey respondents think Biden is sharp enough for a 2nd term.

Kamala tells Big Tech they are responsible for ensuring their AI products are safe.

Putin claims the US was behind an alleged assassination attempt in Moscow. Joe says, “That’s a bold face lie.”

What can be done to fix VP Harris’ image in the public eye?

Congress, What’s Good?

Treasury Secretary Yellen is warning that the debt ceiling needs to be addressed ASAPtually, as in by June 1. The GOP is calling BS and while they might be right, they also believed taking bleach would cure COVID. LOL. Will y’all elected officials finally start negotiating or….are we just gonna see how bad it can get?

If nothing gets done before the country’s bank account is completely tapped out, it is said that there will be “economic chaos.” We kinda already thought we were in a chaotic state, but we can expect higher mortgage and credit card interest rates, more unemployment, and delayed tax refunds (for the procrastinators).

As for committee meetings, here’s some of what’s on this week’s agenda:

Social Justice Round Up

The death of Jordan Neely, a Black NYC subway performer who was killed by a white vigilante proves how this country continuously fails the disadvantaged while protecting the entitled predators.

California’s Reparations Task Force approved proposals that would repeal the ban on affirmative action, give eligible Black residents billions in monetary payments, issue a formal apology, and more. The task force will meet again at the end of June before sending their proposals to the state legislature who will then vote on the measures.

Nearly 3 years later, the last officer who killed George Floyd has been found guilty of state manslaughter charges. Already serving a 3.5 year sentence on federal charges, he will be sentenced at the state level in August.

Preparing for 2024, Texas is advancing a bill that would overturn and call for new elections in Harris County (which contains Houston) if state officials have “good cause” to believe 2% of polling places ran out of ballots.

North Carolina’s state legislature passed a 12-week abortion ban. Its governor clapped back with a “Not on my watch!” and promised to veto the law when it hits his desk.

Alabama has been violating the civil rights of its Black residents by failing to implement the proper sanitation measures in a majority-Black county. Shocker.

Around the Diaspora

Fighting in Sudan carries into the 4th week after talks amongst leaders on both sides fall through.

The coronation of the UK’s King Charles III over the weekend was a reminder that some people across the Commonwealth (which includes countries like Jamaica, Belize, and Uganda) are ready to get those colonizers up out of their lives.

Speaking of Belize, they are hoping to set the record straight with Honduras over a land dispute.

In Kenya, 3 college students won a hackathon after they digitized a local language, simultaneously allowing doctors to breach the language barrier in telehealth and increasing access to quality care for those living in remote areas.

Getting to the Money

This Bounce Back Toolkit has 20+ resources to help you land your next job. Need interview tips, help with writing them dreadful ass cover letters, or finding tech companies that are still hiring? This document has something for all of those things and then some.

Buying Black

If you’re looking for a spot to unwind (or take momma to on a last minute Mother’s Day vacation), check out these Black-owned spots for R&R.

If you think we’re tripping for suggesting you take your mom on a lil vacay, here’s another list of Mother’s Day gift ideas from Black-owned companies.

Culture that Pops

You may or may not have heard that the writers to your favorite TV shows are on strike. Here’s why this strike is particularly important to Black writers.

Another group has banded together to buy BET: Shaq, 50 Cent and Kenya Barris. They are now in the runnings against Tyler Perry, Weather Channel owner Byron Allen, and Diddy. Who would you prefer to run the network?

Bad Boys 2, Cradle to the Grave, and Deliver us from Eva are just a few of the classic Black films turning 20 this year. Check out the full list to help you decide which one to watch on your next movie night.


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