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Loving the Crown You’re In

California Loves Your Crown

The Golden State is showing that it loves you even with last month’s line up or that failed twist out. California just passed the Crown Act, a law that would make discriminating against someone for their hair. This law is especially important for us as we all know the pressure to be “presentable” for job interviews or any other opportunity for which a good impression was necessary. Cali is just the first state, but similar laws in New York and New Jersey soon come.

Immigration + the 2020 Census = ?

After the Supreme Court ruled against Trump adding a citizenship question to next year’s census, he has instructed his team to explore additional legal avenues for including the question anyway. If your (or your loved one’s) citizenship status is in limbo, remember that you can ignore a question. The penalty for doing so can be a fine, which has rarely been enforced historically. If you are truthful though, federal law states that the info can only be shared with government agencies 72 years later. Sounds promising, BUT we all know this administration moves differently, so keep that in mind.

In Case You Need A Laugh

...listen to the story of how American troops fought off British troops from taking over airports in 1775. LMAO. As told by Your President. Enjoy.

Congress, What’s Good?

Back from their li’l vacay, here’s what’s on deck for those on Capitol Hill: high-skilled immigrants, affordable mortgages for veterans, and small business investment.

2020 Tings

Trump’s only challenger, Bill Weld, is still in these streets (somewhere), raising money (not much), and trying to get an honest debate with his opponent (not gonna happen).

What? Is Kamala Harris suggesting that busing should NOT be mandated by the federal government after slamming Biden for saying the same thing in the 70s? That’s what it looks like, but it’s not so black and white.

Speaking of Kamala, she’s recently unveiled a $100B plan to invest in Black homeowership. Yang Gang Gang! Andrew Yang is asking y’all to not sleep on him. He’s got a number of platforms that are practical and appear to solve real problems. Are you listening? Kamala and Elizabeth aren’t the only women running for president, but they tend to dominate the headlines (good and bad). Have you looked into the other woman candidates yet? Take your pick between Tulsi Gabbard, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Marianne Williamson.

Around the Diaspora After holding out for a bit, Nigeria and Benin have agreed to join Africa’s free trade agreement. Eritrea remains as the sole African Union member state that has not joined.

Has there been a breakthrough with the crisis in Sudan? It looks like the military and its protesters have agreed to share control of their new sovereign council (in place since their president was ousted) and the streets is hype!

Guyana has been rated the fastest growing economy in the world.

Culture That Pops

90s babies rejoice! Halle Bailey (one half of Chloe and Halle) will be Ariel in Disney’s live action remake of The Little Mermaid.

T.I. joins a task force to reimagine a city jail in ATL.

The only Ghost we’ve ever looked forward to seeing returns to TV screens on August 25. Check out the trailer for the sixth and final season of Power.


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