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Listen to Black People

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 34M total cases & 610K deaths (+364K & +2K from last week)

The headlines:

  • Forecasts say the Delta variant will lead to another sharp increase in COVID-related deaths in the US.

  • Heard of a few fully vaccinated folks getting the virus lately? Yeah, us too. If you’re vaccinated and concerned about the latest surge, here’s some insight into how well you might be protected against the Delta variant.

  • Several states (y’all can guess which ones…) have decided to scale back reporting of COVID-19 data despite the increase in infections.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

The Biden Administration will offer new loan mods & payment reductions for homeowners who’ve fallen behind due to COVID-19. Note: it only applies to those with loans backed by the HUD, Veterans Affairs or Agriculture departments.

Why isn’t Biden & the Democratic party doing all they can to uphold democracy...or at least the version of “democracy” practiced here? A former US Secretary of Labor has an idea why.

In the latest round of polls, Biden is rolling at a 52% favorability rating while Harris comes in at 45%.

Congress, What’s Good?

Our elected officials in Washington, DC are working against the clock in a few different ways…

  • That test vote on the infrastructure package that the Senate held last failed. Republicans promised that they will have negotiated all of their terms in time to vote to proceed today, but can they really be trusted?

  • A budget resolution (aka guidelines for how the government plans to spend money in 2022) needs to be set. Currently estimated at $3.5T, this is the Democrats’ first step in establishing things like free pre-K & community college. No Republican support is needed here.

  • Also, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is urging them to raise the debt ceiling by July 31 to avoid catastrophic damage to the economy and to American livelihoods. GOP support is needed, but will more than likely be tied to measures to reduce debt moving forward.

As for this week’s committee meetings, you can expect the following:

Social Justice Round Up

New York City sent social workers to respond to mental health calls for 30 days and surprise, worked.

In this week’s bit of obvious news: the American Psychological Association finds that police speak to Black people with less respect than white people.

This Black family’s beachfront property in Los Angeles was seized 100 years ago. They’re very likely to get their land back, but they’re also coming for a check due to the loss of generational wealth.

Around the Diaspora

Haitian president Jovenel Moïse was laid to rest last week, but it wasn’t without chaos. Also, a new interim government was put in place with a neurosurgeon leading the way as prime minister. As we learn more about Haitian politics, we’re not 100% sure this is a step in the right direction, but time will tell.

The fight for patria y libertad (country & liberty) is still going strong and Afro-Cubans are still telling it like it is.

Brazil’s media perpetuates racist images of Black people as criminals. Is the media full of shit everywhere? Pretty much.

Getting to the Money

TikTok resumes are a thing and they may help you get to where you want to go next. Consider attending this LinkedIn event for info on how this might help you level up.

Buying Black

We know y’all love Casamigos and all, but here are some Black-owned tequila brands to show some love to, too.

Culture that Pops

After breaking up with Nike for cutting her pay because she was pregnant, Allyson Felix has launched her own shoe line.

Clark Atlanta University is canceling student account balances from Spring 2020 through Summer 2021 due to the pandemic. They are also working with Operation HOPE to create 1M new Black businesses.

Naomi Osaka pulled up to the Olympics in her home country rocking red braids, slaying opponents with ease, and ignoring her haters.


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