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Keep Obama's Name Out Your Mouth

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Essential Workers

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is calling for big adjustments in the treatment of essential workers and she wants it to be included in the next Coronavirus package. Among the 10 things she’s asking for are safe working conditions, funding for childcare, and pay that properly reflects the health risk they face while at work. All of these things are highlighted even more after the May Day People’s Strike that saw workers walking out of their workplaces to demand many of the same things.

Keep Obama’s Name Out Your Mouth

Trump blames Obama again. This time he says it’s 44’s fault for leaving Donnie with broken tests...for a virus that didn’t exist until nearly 3 years after he left office. Anybody figured out how to make that make sense? Additionally, Trump also says he and Abe Lincoln have done more for Black people than any other president. Where is Councilman Tate when you need him?

In other Trump-esque news, wypipo all over are still out here protesting for their right to catch Coronavirus and die or ignoring social distance protocols. Makes you wonder why they aren’t treated like Black people are when we’re protesting or not properly social distancing.

And It Don’t Stop

30 million people have now filed for unemployment. With the numbers continuously climbing, we hadn’t even stopped to think about how the downward trend is impacting Black people. Turns out, we (and other people of color) are feeling the brunt of the virus here as well. A recent Data for Progress survey revealed that 45% of Black respondents either lost work or had their hours cut compared to 31% of white respondents.

Congress, What’s Good? The Senate reconvenes today, but the House is still WFH. On the agenda for the Senate:

  • The pandemic...duh

  • Nomination hearings for open government positions

  • The state of the aviation industry

2020 Watch

Joe Biden says the sexual assault he is accused of “never happened.” Are the Democrats taking after their Republican frenemies with their silence on this issue? Is it too late for Liz, Bernie, or any other other candidate to come back? Lol We’re just kidding...kinda.

We know that Florida is gone Florida in every election. The latest thing garnering attention is the fact that Trump & other Republicans’ names will be printed above those of Democratic candidates for every race printed on ballots in November. This goes back to a 1951 law that says candidates belonging to the current governor’s political party are to always be listed above their competitors’ names on a ballot.

The head of the American Postal Workers Union makes the case for mail-in voting.

Around the Diaspora

Politics over COVID-19?? People are filling the streets for political rallies in Burundi despite the Coronavirus threat.

Amid concerns of a growing number of cases, St. Lucia receives 5K testing kits from the Cayman Islands.

Oil producing countries like Nigeria, Gabon & Angola are feeling the economic impact of reduced demand across the globe.

Getting to the Money

Heard about Our Fair Share? It’s a website launched by Diddy to help Black and other minority-owned small businesses get their rightful piece of the Paycheck Protection Program pie.

Black Business Highlight: Ever wished your Taboo topics had a lil more soul? A bit more oomph? Let us introduce you to Black Out Cards. This Black AF word game really requires you to know the culture. Before playing, you might wanna brush up on your W.E.B. DuBois facts and learn how to describe Baby Boy without saying “I hate you Jody!” Thank us later.

Culture that Pops

Speaking of Diddy, he’s calling on Biden to show he has a plan for the Black community or he’ll hold the Black community’s vote hostage. While that’s highly unlikely (and sorta laughable), his comments have sparked a lot of debate. Some have said his statement is reminiscent of Malcolm X’s Ballot or the Bullet speech. Others have said that the billionaire needs to speak for himself and himself only.

Magic Johnson confirms that he and fellow Laker Kobe Bryant both have documentaries in the works. Sorry sports fans, Magic did not say that they’ll be here ready once “The Last Dance” is over.

You’ve prolly heard Hot Girl Meg and Big Bey’s Savage remix and either love it or hate it. Did you know that the song was created for a good cause though?


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