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I DoN't SeE CoLOr

We're so sick of white folks using this as a way to ignore racism and disenfranchise other folks. Last week, SC Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson had to school the State of Alabama on this very issue as they attempt to take voting rights away from Black folks.

What the Health

The latest in COVID numbers: 96M total cases & 1M total deaths (+281K & +3K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

  • Let’s not forget that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Black women remain most at risk. Know and love any Black women? Pass along these self-exam tips.

  • Should we still be concerned about monkeypox? Cases are decreasing, but yes.

  • The United States is experiencing a mental health crisis. Who’s paying attention?

  • Does the Black community deserve health reparations just as well as wealth reparations?

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

The POTUS is ringing the alarm about Russian president Putin’s nuclear threats.

Kamala Harris says she and the POTUS aim to close the racial wealth gap. Ok, but….how Sway?

Did you hear the news? Just in time for the midterms, Joe Biden is pardoning federal offenses of simple marijuana possession. While the pardon would remove this conviction from the records of 6,500 folks, it wouldn’t apply to all with marijuana-related charges. In a time where it’s now legal to distribute marijuana, does this go far enough?

Congress, What’s Good?

Remember that recess we told you about? There won’t be much action on the Hill or many committee meetings until your elected officials come back after the midterms.

Election Watch: 2022 Midterms

It was all good just a week ago. Democrats’ midterm worries are back.

Young Black voters have been part of the force working to make Georgia blue in recent elections. Are they coming for the midterms too? Absolutely.

BTW, voting rights in Alabama are under attack. While we don’t expect major changes prior to next month’s elections, new Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is giving history lessons on why not “seeing color” doesn’t ensure equal voting power.

Bulletproof glass and panic buttons are just a couple of the ways election offices are preparing for crazy ass Trump-loving Republicans who might be unsatisfied with the midterm results.

Social Justice Round Up

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, Black residents in Florida feel left out of the relief efforts.

Prisoners in Alabama are on strike and demanding changes to the state’s broken parole system and to inhumane living conditions.

50+ years later, Philadelphia apologizes to Black inmates for subjecting them to biochemical, dermatological and pharmaceutical testing conducted in the city’s jail system from the 1950s-70s.

Around the Diaspora

The fuel and clean water shortage that’s been initiated by Haiti’s gangs has caused so many issues that they’re asking for foreign military aid to address the issue. Haiti is also experiencing a cholera outbreak. Please pray for our cousins over there.

A mobile app in Kenya is helping conserve wildlife.

Nigeria is suing Meta for pushing unapproved ads through Facebook & Instagram to Nigerian users.

Getting to the Money

Looking to make it in the worlds of advertising or marketing? Check out The One Club’s job board. There’s currently 200+ listings for creative roles across multiple job functions, industries & cities.

The application to apply for student loan forgiveness should go live any day now. If you qualify for forgiveness, make sure you apply so that you can do better things with your money than give it to a government that’s been surviving without it for almost 3 years.

Buying Black

As temps drop and game night season picks back up, Apostrophe Puzzles is making things interesting by offering puzzles that are also conversation pieces. Apostrophe partners with Black fine artists to convert some of their pieces to puzzles, making it easier for consumers to have access to—and explore elements of—their work.

Culture that Pops

Lil Baby wants to see more funding directed towards music programs in schools.

A restaurant will reopen in Oakland and highlight the Black Panthers’ historical ties to the establishment and to the city.

Here are 13 Black podcasts to get into on your morning commute, your evening wine-down, or any time in between.


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