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Hold the Kente Cloth, Please

We’re Still Waiting

Breonna Taylor’s murderers are still out here chilling, but the city of Louisville did manage to ban no-knock warrants in her honor.

Are We There Yet?

It’s time we talk about the killing of Black trans men and women in our communities. Last week, two trans women were killed. A couple weeks prior, a video of a trans woman getting jumped spread across social media. These issues highlight the need for us to address some of the phobias and intolerance that exist within our community as well as with the police. Black transgender women, in particular, are disproportionately faced with fatal violence. How do we begin to address this internally?

No More Strange Fruit

Since May 31, 2 Black men have been found hanging from trees in Southern California. Officials were quick to label them suicides, but many others are sharing their suspicions and calling BS.

Change is On the Way?

The spotlight is on Atlanta in light of the murder of Rayshard Brooks. Seattle took it to a whole ’nother level with their police free “autonomous zone.” Boston announced a list of changes, claiming it’s getting itself together. San Francisco will no longer deploy police on non-violent emergency calls.

Demands for defunding the police might have seemed unrealistic just last week, but cities are starting to take note and make adjustments—some big and some small. Many are looking to Camden, New Jersey's transformation in 2013 as an example. Can their success be mimicked across the country?

Showing up for Black Students

As the roles of police in schools are also being reevaluated, there’s more that can be done for Black students in light of everything going on. Here’s a list of great suggestions for teachers and school administrators to provide safe spaces for Black students. Pass it on to your teacher-friends.

Staying Alive

Cases of the 'Rona have picked back up amid the reopening of many states. One doctor says we’re entering the second wave that many expected to come in the fall. Meanwhile, the stress of it all (COVID-19 and the protests) has led to an uptick in Black people reporting they are suffering from depression or anxiety. If it ain't one thing...

Congress, What’s Good?

Mitch McConnell had a change of heart on whether Congress should intervene on police reform and asked the only Black Republican senator to provide a plan. House Republicans are also jumping into action. Will we actually see bipartisanship on this critical issue? This week will let us know what’s what.

On the agenda this week:

2020 Watch

Democratic VP hopeful Kamala Harris gets real with Meghan McCain about defunding the police.

In contrast to Trump’s leadership during the pandemic, Biden’s campaign benefited from being on lockdown. Is all of that about to end?

Is the country so polarized that neither side will accept defeat come November?

Around the Diaspora

In Nigeria, the pandemic may lead to nearly 40M people becoming unemployed.

St. Kitts & Nevis says you still can't sit with (or visit) them.

We already knew this, but Coronavirus is deadlier for Afro-Brazilians because of the country’s legacy of slavery and racism. Sound familiar?

Getting to the Money

Missing those afterwork happy hour events where you could network with other Black people? Look no further than Mimconnect, which lets you link with multicultural professionals on a digital platform. BTW, they’re currently building a list of Black professionals to share with companies who say they want more diversity. Whether you’re actively or passively seeking new roles, don’t be left out.

Black Business Highlight: Band-Aid finally decided to make bandages for all skin tones, but here’s a Black-owned brand that’s been on that wave: Browndages.

Culture that Pops

Are you celebrating Juneteenth this year? Verzuz is rolling out an IG Live with Alicia Keys and John Legend to commemorate the occasion.

Lil Baby released a protest anthem and vows to donate its proceeds to 4 organizations, including the Bail Project and Black Lives Matter.

LeBron and fellow NBA players have started an organization called More than a Vote to tackle voter suppression and to encourage more people to hit the polls.

Dave Chappelle released a new special titled “8:46” in which he discussed George Floyd, police brutality, and whether celebrities should speak up in the midst of protests.


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