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Trump’s Top 5 This Week

  1. Trump asked China, one of his frequent foes, to also investigate Biden.

  2. There are now “multiple” whistleblowers who can speak to the questionable details of that call with the Ukrainian president.

  3. While one Republican Senator has spoken out against the president’s actions (Mitt Romney), Mitch McConnell and the others have confirmed that there will be no impeachments happening on their watch.

  4. The sunken place was out in full effect as young Black conservatives held their Black Leadership Summit at the White House this weekend.

  5. Special mention: Kanye is still out here tryna tell us why deciding not to support 45 is a form of “slavery...mental slavery.”

We’re MF tired. Aren’t you?

Realizing Breast Cancer’s Impact on Black Women

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s about more than seeing your favorite athletes rock pink for 31 days. It’s a time to educate yourself and others on the very real dangers and signs. Black women have the second highest chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer, but for women under age 40, Black women have the leading number of breast cancer diagnoses. Check out Susan G. Komen’s facts on how this disease affects women differently by race. Plus, here’s a little reminder on how to perform a self-check.

Also, Breast Cancer is not only for the ladies to be concerned with. Mathew Knowles, father to Beyoncé and Solange, recently shared that he was diagnosed and encouraged men to realize that they too are at risk.

Congress, What’s Good?

Despite entering the 2nd half of their two week recession, the House Small Business Committee will still hold a meeting on Silicon Prairie, the heartland’s hub for tech & innovation. Oh and you know them impeachment proceedings will more than likely continue as well.

2020 Watch

Everyone is hoping Bernie Sanders gets well soon after he suffered a heart attack last week. Will news of his health (and age) have an impact on his campaign?

Is Joe Biden letting Trump punk him? Some seem to think that he’s having a hard time responding to the repeated calls to investigations him and his family’s business.

Following in Russia’s footsteps, Iran has entered the 2020 election ring.

Around the Diaspora

After the loss of 3 thousand lives and an exodus of half a million, Cameroon has a deal on the table that leaders hope will end their 3-year conflict.

Kenyan youth are not here for their president’s failed promises to bring more jobs to the country and they’re taking it to the tweets to let him know. Check out #DearPresidentUhuru to hear their thoughts.

Jamaica and the Bahamas sign up to combat terrorism with Argentina, Costa Rica, the US & more.

On the flip side, the Bahamas is being accused of using the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian to remove Haitian immigrants from the country. When will it stop?

Culture that Pops

Tyler Perry! Tyler Perry! Feel how you want about his films, but he just made a major move for all of us with the opening of his new film studio. For an inside peek into his studio lot, try to catch Ava DuVernay’s IG stories. You’ve got about 4 hours left to catch some inspiration and start your week off right.

Allyson Felix breaks Usain Bolt’s gold medal record, less than a year after giving birth. Also, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, 32, is the oldest woman to be crowned the fastest in the world. Both women gave birth to children in the last 2 years. Black women really are super heros.

Speaking of culture, we can’t forget to honor the life and legacy Ms. Diahann Carroll, who broke barriers while being the flyest of all the aunties every time.


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