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God Don't Like Ugly

Racist Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Virginia’s governor Ralph Northam is having a really challenging week, but he’s refusing to back down. Literally. Like most things done in the dark, the Democrat’s medical school yearbook page has resurfaced and revealed an offensive photo in which a man in blackface poses next to another in a white hooded costume (yep, that white hooded costume). It’s not clear from the photo which of the men is the governor and he appears to have trouble remembering as well. In an initial statement on Friday, Northam apologized and admitted that he was one of the men in the picture. Less than a day later, however, he made a statement that he does not recall taking the picture and has no plans of stepping down. Sounds about white, right? Calls for resignation have been coming loud and clear from both sides of the aisle, but he says he’s determined to regain the trust of the state of Virginia and his peers. One thing to note is that many white historical figures that have helped advance the cause of Black Americans have racist pasts that are not hidden. Does Northam deserve a chance to redeem himself or is he canceled?

Protesters Speak Up for the Voiceless in BK

Crowds gathered at a federal Brooklyn jail to protest prison conditions after a partial power outage in the midst of harsh winter weather. It is reported that 1,600 prisoners had to do without electricity, hot water, and hot meals for nearly a week as temps dropped into the single digits. Things took a turn for the shadiest as inmates were placed on lockdown, authorities took their precious time distributing blankets provided by New York City, and advocates loudly yelled “Issa lie!” when the prison reported conditions had improved. Yandy Smith even found herself in harm’s way as protests escalated. State reps claimed that things were indeed getting back on track on Sunday and “normalcy” is expected to be restored by Monday. Thankfully the prisoners have had the attention of family, friends, and public servants to ensure this is the case.

All Eyes on 2020

In the ever growing realm of Democrats throwing their hats into the 2020 ring, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has confirmed he’s also entering the primary race. His entry already makes this race historic as there are now two prominent African Americans that are considered top candidates for the nomination. Marianne Williamson, author and friend of Auntie O, is making waves as she says she’d propose a $100B reparation package for African Americans. Word? We hear you, sis. We’d never suggest blindly throwing your oh-so-important vote behind any candidate based on headlines (or skin color) though, so peep more information about all of the current candidates here.

Are We With Kap, No Cap?*

As celebrities rolled into the USA’s little slice of Wakanda (Atlanta) for Super Bowl 53, the question had to be asked: what happened to the kneeling protests? Are we over it? See which prominent figures continue to support Colin Kaepernick and see how some powerful folks are still silently working to tear down his image.

*For those born in ’88 and earlier, “no cap” means “no lie.” Shout out to the kids and to Urban Dictionary for keeping us young.

Around the Diaspora…

The US has imposed visa sanctions on Ghana due to what it says is the African nation’s refusal to accept deportees. Given 45’s words about not wanting immigrants from countries like Ghana, make sure to read their denial to get a fuller picture.

Barbados, home to Rihanna, has been working hard to reverse its economic downturn, but some say it still faces an uphill battle.

Culture that Pops…

Love Afro Beat or need a good introduction? Get into 15 of the best new Ghanaian songs, according to OkayAfrica.

Jussie Smollett’s return to the stage proves strong after Chicago attack.

Very Smart Brothas is offering “28 Days of Literary Blackness” throughout Black History Month. Find out their latest recommendations of books that are for us, by us and be sure to check back with them regularly for more.

If you’ve heard anything about Chamillionaire in the last few years, it’s that he’s given up riding dirty for riding some pretty big waves in the tech industry. Now, he’s looking to invest $10K into a deserving Black-owned business. Interested? Submit your pitch.


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