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Florida Man is Back

As Trump’s World Turns

Why is it that somebody’s president (the one that lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.) stays surrounded by drama? In the latest news, Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation is still expected to be wrapping up soon, after which a report will be provided to the Attorney General. Last week, the House voted unanimously (420-0) to ensure the AG makes the findings public. This was a monumental bipartisan vote. The measure failed in the Senate, however, after one of Trump’s closest buddies called for the law to open another special investigation on the FBI and the Department of Justice’s conduct during the first special counsel inquiry. Whew chillay, it’s getting MESSY messy. Feel free to read that one over for a second time.

In other updates, the Senate voted “GTFOH” as expected on Trump’s national declaration at the southern border. Having had a Republican-led Congress for most of his presidency thus far, this is the first instance in which both houses rejected one of Donnie’s political stances and forced him to issue a veto. Congress will likely make an attempt to override the veto, but isn’t expected to have enough support. Does this guarantee Trump his requested $5.7 billion? Nah. He still faces a number of legal challenges that he must conquer before he’ll get a dime.

Florida is Florida-ing Again

In November, Florida voted to pass Amendment 4, giving ex-felons the right to vote. The language used to describe the law then allowed all ex-felons to register, unless they were convicted of murder or sexual assault. Now, the state’s Republican Party is seeking to clarify the language by elaborating on what constitutes murder and also including attempted murder. This feels a lot like an effort to continue to disenfranchise Black men, who stand to gain the most from this law. Florida Man strikes again.

California Doing The Right Thing

California governor Gavin Newsom suspended the death penalty in the state for as long as he is in office. Among his reasons for halting executions were racial injustices within the criminal justice system, bias against those with mental illnesses, and the probability that some death row inmates may actually be innocent. While this move will provide some relief to the 737 California inmates on death row, it will not lead to any of them being released. The declaration also does not repeal state executions indefinitely, which can only be repealed by California voters. Newsom’s action on this issue has brought executions back into the national spotlight, which is expected to be a big issue for 2020.

2020: It’s Raining Democrats

Raise your hand if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of Democratic candidates joining the primary race. Unless you’re planning to vote Republican in November 2020 (no judgment, we promise), your hand is probably up. Beto O’Rourke is the latest candidate to call dibs, joining 13 other Democratic hopefuls. Searching for a basic list of who’s who in the game? The Chicago Tribune has you covered.

Here’s an interesting read: Politico analyzes the lessons Bernie Sanders likely learned from Jesse Jackson’s run in the ’88 presidential race.

Around the Diaspora…

More details have emerged about the Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed 157 people last week and the specifics are eerily close to another crash that happened in Indonesia. As investigators continue to do their jobs, families of the deceased are given charred earth to remember their loved ones by.

Another white supremacist, this time in New Zealand, took it upon himself to express his hatred towards POC with violence. He killed at least 50 people. Read about a Nigerian imam’s experience surviving the horrid event.

After a Nigerian school collapsed last week and killed 20, the Nigerian government is coming out to say the school was never registered with them and the alleged owner is fleeing the consequences.

The Bahamas recently announced a deal with Disney in which the construction of a new cruise port is expected to keep the local Bahamian community first.

Culture that Pops…

Civil Rights icon Medgar Evers received some 2019 love after his Mississippi home was made into a national monument.

The Toronto Raptors said “Drake curse, don’t care” after they renamed their training facility the OVO Athletic Centre. Aubrey’s takeover of the 6 continues.

What’s the Black “Yeehaw agenda” and what does it have to do with Solange’s latest project? Highsnobiety breaks down the myth that Black cowboys were an anomaly and takes us through Houston, Compton, and New York to show us how the culture persists today.

As if we needed another reason to believe that Atlanta is the closest thing to Wakanda in the United States, the city is now emerging as the Black tech capital as more Black entrepreneurs leave Silicon Valley for life in the 404.


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