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Don't Mess with Texas

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 33M total cases & 590K deaths (+177K & +4K from last week)

The headlines:

Texas’ Healthcare Contradiction

While Governor Greg Abbott is running around banning mask mandates, saying that Texans should determine the healthcare practices that are best for themselves, he’s also out here signing bills that ban abortions just 6 weeks after conception. Before many women even know that they’re pregnant and without exceptions for rape or incest. Sir, do you want Texan women to make their own healthcare decisions or is that solely up to you? Also, are you going to support the children who are born into impoverished families, in foster care, or whose medical conditions lead to increased healthcare costs?

Of course, the bill affects Black and Brown communities more than white. In 2020, Black women accounted for 30% of all abortions obtained in the state and Hispanic women had 37%. White women only had 26% of the year’s total abortions.

We can expect a court battle to come next. All states that have passed these types of bills (10 total) have had them permanently or temporarily BLOCKED in court.

Run Black Farmers They Money

For too long, Black farmers have struggled against discriminatory practices by the USDA that has resulted in most losing their farmland. Those who have managed to keep their land are inundated with loan debt. They will have their debts with the USDA canceled as early as next month, thanks to the latest COVID relief plan.

Despite us only accounting for 1% of all farmers today, those who’ve been paying attention to this struggle know that this is seriously a reason to rejoice.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

The Biden admin has issued deportation relief for over 50K Haitian immigrants. 100K more could be eligible for the same protection.

Biden provided $10B in mortgage aid as part of his COVID relief plan. Find out if you qualify.

Even as the fighting between Israel and Palestine was very lopsided, Y’alls President still declares the Democratic Party’s support is for Israel and Israel only.

Congress, What’s Good?

What happened in Congress while we were gone? Democrats want to create a commission to investigate/analyze the January 6 Capitol riot and the Republican response is that the insurrectionists are already abused victims and that it just doesn’t make sense to revisit the 2020 election. By GOP logic, it’s only okay to do so when Trump wants to revisit (aka complain about the L he took).

Anyway, the bill passed the House, but it’s doubtful that enough Senate conservatives will vote yay. Thanks Joe Manchin.

On the schedule for committees this week:

Social Justice Round Up

Snoop Dogg and Xzibit talk about reform with the Los Angeles Sheriff Department.

The City of Raleigh, NC wants people to tell them how they can fix social justice issues in their city. This feels like something they should already know, but cool.

The district attorney working on the case of Andrew Brown’s murder says the deputies who killed him were justified in their actions. Because we know that we’ll never not be seen as a threat or dangerous, we’d just like to see both the officers and the DA keep that same energy the next time a white person does something similar.

A North Carolina know, the ones who are supposed to be impartial and unbiased in a court of accused of being partial and biased after he tried to hit BLM protesters with his car.

Around the Diaspora

Gentrification in London is widening the racial wealth gap, leaving Black Britons far, far behind.

This South African free diver wants to change the way the world views Black people and the ocean.

Tanzania’s official COVID-19 policy was deny, deny, deny until its president died of the disease. Now, its new president is trying to turn the ship around.

Getting to the Money

If you want to make a significant career switch, but aren’t sure how to do it, consider attending Pandemic Pivot. This Zoom Q & A features 4 Black marketing professionals who made career jumps amid the COVID-19 lockdowns and who want you to secure your own bag. The event is free, so it might be valuable even for those outside of marketing.

Buying Black

Urbn Water Co. is water with a lil extra drip (aka a pH level of 9.5). Their site is currently under construction, but follow their IG for more information on how you can get your hands on a bottle or 10.

Culture that Pops

Who said women can’t be in the conversation about the greatest athletes? Simone Biles has re-entered the chat after landing a move that no woman has ever made before. Give her her flowers.

Queen Maya Angelou will be one of the first women to appear on a US quarter. The first of 7 coin designs dedicated solely to her will be in circulation as soon as January 2022.

Tyler Perry and Beyonce want to empower Nigerian and South African youth through a new Global Citizen initiative.


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