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Dems & Republicans Be Like

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 31M total cases & 568K deaths (+471K & +6K from last week)

The headlines:

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Dems aren’t happy with Biden after he signed legislation to extend a Trump-era cap on how many refugees could enter the country. Unable to stand the heat for too long, the POTUS says’s he’ll establish his own standard by mid-May.

In September 2021, 20 years after the 9/11 attacks, all U.S. troops will be removed from Afghanistan.

Nearing 100 days in office, the GOP is struggling to find something to bash Biden for.

Congress, What’s Good?

Another week of inaction from your favorite bunch of recalcitrants. With recent changes in the House, the Democrats’ majority has narrowed. Now they can only lose the support of two colleagues in order to pass a bill without any Republican support. Add that to the even split in the Senate and the likelihood of passing anything significant gets even dimmer. It is said that Congress might be prepared to take action on legislation intended to condemn anti-Asian hate crimes, support voting rights, and stay competitive with China…but you already know how they do. We not get our hopes up too high.

It’s really crazy though how these people were hired (elected) to do a job and they just refuse to do anything other than scream about what the other side isn’t doing. Maybe we should all run for public office and to see if we’re likeable enough to get paid for doing nothing.

Hearings popping off this week:

Criminal Justice Round Up

We’ve all heard the news by now, but another Black man was killed last week for having an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror. Here’s the latest with the murder of Daunte Wright.

Starting July 1 ,Virginia will restrict probation terms to 1 year for misdemeanors and 5 years for felonies. The legal victory was secured in part by the efforts of Meek Mill and the REFORM Alliance.

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors responds to criticisms that she is using donation money to fund her lifestyle and labels the lies against her as misogynoir.

Will mandatory sentencing become a thing of the past? Lawmakers in cities across the country are hoping so.

Around the Diaspora

Please keep St. Vincent in your prayers as they continue to experience eruptions from La Soufrière. Again, if you are able to help, check out this Twitter thread for ways you can assist in the relief efforts.

Twitter is building a team in Ghana and Nigeria is not happy to have lost this battle to its frenemy. Yet and still, the platform’s focus will be Nigeria (and Nigerian candidates will have preference) despite the company being based there.

Eritrea has decided to withdraw its troops from Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

Guyana’s health minister is urging “developed” countries to share some of their COVID-19 vaccine supply with the Caribbean. We hope he gets what he’s asking for.

Getting to the Money

If you are—or know—a mom or any other woman who is seeking job opportunities that can accommodate unique work life balance requirements (flexibile, remote, part-time, freelance, contract or even full-time), check out

Looking to purchase a home soon? Check out Down Payment Resource to see what special programs, mortgages, and tax credits you may apply for. If there’s money out there for the getting, might as well go get it.

Buying Black

Black Owned Dental Practices wants to help you find a dentist that looks like you...or your brother...or your cousins. The site is still a WIP, but it could still be a valuable resource if you’re someone who wants your entire healthcare team to be as Blackity Black Black as you are. Drop your zip code into their database to see what Black dentists might be in your area.

Culture that Pops

The oldest living American, Mother Hester McCardell has died. She was 116 years old.

Handing Hip Hop another blow just a week after losing DMX, former Bad Boy artist Black Rob passed away at 51.

Ryan Coogler says Black Panther 2 will stay in Georgia, despite other large events and film productions leaving the state over its new voting law. Before you get to calling him a sellout, hear him out. His position is actually aligned with Black organizers in GA who say taking business away from the state is also hurting the same people who are victimized by the bill itself—us.


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