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D-F the Police

Some Updates:

Defund the Police

This week, a concept that many of us may have never considered became a hot topic: defunding the police. It doesn’t imply getting rid of police for good, but what it does suggest is shifting funds away from police and towards other community resources that would reduce the need for police in our communities. Some of those resources include social workers who know how to respond to mental health emergency calls, affordable housing, or job training. In a nutshell, the idea is to remove the police’s responsibility for shit that they’re not qualified to manage. Sounds farfetched, but Portugal has tried it and received great results. If you’d like to know more about what this whole new world may look like, here’s a free eBook to check out.

What About Us?

As the country starts to reopen, the unemployment numbers are dropping for everyone except us. Why is that?

Trump Declares War

Because things can always get crazier with Trump in office, y’all’s Law & Order azz president threatened to deploy active troops in DC and in cities across the country. Though he claimed the troops would specifically be for those rioting and looting, he tear gassed hordes of peaceful protestors just so he could take a hella awkward photo in front of a church. He’s also using Texas prison officers to violently disperse crowds and has given police the green light to be as monstrous as possible all over the country. It’s just a whole bunch of illegal shit on top of some more illegal shit. Please, stay safe out there.

DC Being Petty

In response to the President’s antics, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser decided to send a message that was loud and clear: BLACK LIVES MATTER. She painted the words in bold yellow on 16th Street NW, which leads directly to the White House. Mayor Bowser also designated that section of the street as Black Lives Matter Plaza. Though eye-catching, critics slam the mayor’s move as a stunt due to the fact that she’s not only not defunding her police department; she currently has plans to increase it.

To the all Companies Releasing BLM Statements

We know chances are high that your Instagram is a liar. Prove that you’re really about that life. Here are some tips.

Congress, What’s Good?

The House is on recess until June 30, but they’re still putting in work. Democrats from the upper and lower chambers have come together to address police brutality. A few call outs from their proposal include: banning the chokehold, creating a national misconduct registry, and (finally) making lynching a federal crime. Though working remotely, the House is committed to getting something passed swiftly. Mitch McConnell, however, has already said he believes Dems are chasing headlines, so only time will tell on how quickly (and if) the Senate will act on this issue.

Here’s popping on Capitol Hill (and Zoom, for those WFH) this week:

2020 Watch

Joe Biden has officially secured the Democratic nomination, thanks to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Snoop says he’ll definitely be voting this year...for the very first time.

Speaking of other (likely) voting firsts, distant cousin Colin Powell says he won’t be casting his vote for Trump. George W. Bush and Mitt Romney say the same.

Wild thoughts: If Trump loses in November, how likely do you think it is that he’d be the Republican nominee for the 2024 election?

Around the Diaspora

Ghanaian rice farmers might actually see a boost in business due to COVID-19.

Speaking of Coronavirus, here’s a snapshot of how Africa is doing in the pandemic.

Afro-Brazilians are also protesting in full swing for their rights. Unluckily for them, their public official appointed to promote Black culture is a literal Uncle Ruckus.

Dominicans on Twitter are denying their Blackness. Again.

Getting to the Money

If you’re a small business owner, the COO of OneUnited bank, the largest Black owned bank in the country, wants to tell you how to get the support you need to keep your business afloat.

Black Business Highlight: Like your coffee Black? BLK & Bold coffee is a Black-owned brand that is now available in Whole Foods. Also, here are another 125 Black-owned businesses across the country that would love your support right now.

Culture that Pops

MJ has finally had enough of staying silent. His Jordan Brand will be donating $100M to racial equality. Committing to giving the money over a 10-year span, this is the largest corporate donation we’ve seen in response to the protests across the country.

Jay-Z lent his private jet to Ahmaud Arbery’s lawyers after they are unable to find flights to Georgia for the first hearing in his case.

Say what you want about her, but you can never question her dedication for her people. Amanda Seales intentionally let her contract with The Real expire because they don't have enough Black executives on board.


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