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Coming in Last

The Skinny on COVID

The latest in numbers: 38M total cases & 628K deaths (+1M & +7K from last week).

The headlines:

  • It’s so sad when people who play stupid games (Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott) win stupid prizes (getting COVID after attempting to ban mask mandates). In a strange twist of events, this stupid person apparently tested negative just 4 days later, so maybe he’s doing something right? Or he’s lying. Who really knows??

  • Speaking of Texas, their Lieutenant Governor says unvaccinated Black people are the reason for the state’s current spike in cases and not their refusal to enforce mask mandates. Black people only make up 16% of COVID cases in Texas, so he can GTFOHWTBS.

  • The Biden Administration wants to make booster shots available to all US adults starting in September. The international community is annoyed with America’s need to center itself, once again.

California Listen Up

Your Governor, Gavin Newsom, is up for a recall on September 14 & this is an election y’all should be paying attention to.

  • For Question #1 (should Newsome be recalled): We are voting NO, as in we do not want Gavin Newsom to be removed from office. He ain’t perfect, but we can’t afford to gamble on another candidate at the risk of becoming a red state.

  • For Question #2 (who would you like to succeed Newsom if he’s removed): We haven’t made a decision yet, but we’re obvs not voting Republican on this one.

    • The challenger who’s polling the highest of all 46 challengers (you read correctly) is conservative radio host Larry Elder. Yes, he’s Black, but he’s skinfolk Black...not kinfolk Black. In other words, he’s more Candace Owens / new Kanye & less anyone else who’s really for the Culture.

    • The Democratic frontrunner is a YouTuber who claims he’s a JFK-style Democrat In 2021.

See why we say we’re not sure who to pick on the 2nd question? The most critical thing is voting No on Question #1, but we will share promising candidates...if there are any. Also, you can vote by mail or in person for this election. You should have already received your mail-in ballot by now, but if you haven’t, check its status here.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

President Biden is standing firm in his belief that his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan was the right thing to do. While that may have been the case, was it done in the right way???

...Many allies don’t exactly think so and it’s making Kamala Harris’ trip to SouthEast Asia right now, a lot more challenging.

$5.8B in student debt will be canceled for people with severe and permanent disabilities. Isn’t it strange how Joe Biden can’t cancel it for everyone, but he can for groups of people here and there? Are we missing a key piece of information here?

Congress, What’s Good?

Considering the Senate has done its job on the budget resolution & infrastructure bill, all eyes turn to the House. Nancy Pelosi says she hopes her chamber, which comes back from recess today, will pass both by October 1.

Other things the House is working on? Trying to save voting rights from the Supreme Court.

Also, normally, it’s mad quiet in August for Congress, but there was also a bomb threat at the Capitol last week. When will these homegrown terrorists go extinct?

With most folks being away on recess, there’s again just one meeting on the calendar this week: a House Rules committee meeting where they’ll discuss...

  • The Budget resolution

  • Infrastructure

  • The John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

Social Justice Round Up

Amid the current social justice movement, HBCUs are experiencing an increase in enrollment. This new generation is clearly saying they don’t have time to be dealing with racism on the streets and on campus. We’re not mad at them.

Lawmakers in North Carolina can agree that 6 year olds are too young to appear in court, but they can’t come to a consensus around whether the new age limit should be 8 or 10. Sigh...

Are Google’s search results working against criminal justice reform?

Around the Diaspora

We said that we’d provide information about organizations accepting donations for Haiti’s recovery after last week’s earthquake. Here they are.

Jamaica will be going back on lockdown for 7 select days between now and September 5.

Europe is taking COVID doses from African nations? We know oppressors gon’ oppress, but how is this still happening when they have a surplus of doses and the Continent is still struggling to have enough?

More than a decade after the countries split, Sudan & South Sudan have agreed to open borders for the 1st time in 11 years.

Getting to the Money

Being a freelancer can feel isolating AF. If this is your life (or the life you want), check out these 10 tips to keep your mental health in tip top shape so that you can continue to feel and perform at your highest capacity.

Buying Black

Black-owned diapers? Yup. Hooru offers natural, chemical free diapers for parents who have sensitive skin concerns or who would simply prefer to care for their little ones in as clean a manner as possible. Think natural diapers don’t have what it takes to go the distance? Hooru promises their diapers are comfy, but also “superabsorbent, antibacterial, & odor resistant.” Sounds like they’ve got it covered to us. The next time you’ve gotta get some diapers for your little one or are entering the diaper raffle at the next baby shower, consider ordering from Hooru. Oh yeah, they also make baby wipes.

Culture that Pops

It seems ‘Jeopardy’ execs just didn’t want a Black host. Not only did they turn down LeVar Burton who is a fan-favorite; they also failed to give Laura Coates, a Black legal analyst that Alex Trebek actually favored, the chance to try out.

Sha’Carri Richardson made her return to the track, but didn’t leave the mark she intended to when she came in dead last against the fastest women in the world 🇯🇲. There was A LOT of talk about the big talker’s big loss, but the reactions ranged from think pieces on why she needs to humble herself to jokes/shade (of course) to massive waves of support.

Aaliyah fans rejoiced after her 2nd album ‘One in a Million’ was made available on streaming services this weekend. The rest of her catalog will be released in phases, but you can expect all of it to be on your platform of choice by October 8.


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