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Clowns in Town

More F*ckery in VA

Yet another white nationalist gun rights rally is descending upon the state of Virginia, this time in the capitol of Richmond. Taking place today, the protesters plan to make their presence felt as the state legislature (now controlled by Democrats) plans to enact gun-control laws that would limit gun purchases and require background checks. The move to take action now might stem from VA being the site of a 2019 mass shooting that killed 12.

Let us not forget the 2017 Charlottesville rally. If you are in Virginia, especially in the Richmond area, please stay safe. If you have people there, please ask them to do the same.

Moms 4 Housing vs. Gentrification

If you know anything about the Bay, you know that it is perhaps ground zero for the most extreme effects of gentrification and displacement happening in Black communities all over the US. Last week, four Black mothers, who are homeless, and their children were arrested and removed for squatting in a vacant home. The move was initiated by the investment company that purchased the home. Not your regular eviction, the police showed up with AR-15s and a tanker to shut down support for the “Moms 4 Housing.” Shit’s crazy.

If you’re looking for ways to help these women, you can donate here or sign this petition that calls out the Alameda County Sheriff for their use of militarized force.

Here Comes the Clown Show?

The Senate impeachment trial starts this week pretty much all of the back and forth around allowing witnesses or new evidence remains. That is, Dems are still making their demands for what they see as a fair process. In response, the GOP is telling them to chill because they already have enough support to make the trial go their way.

So what is for certain? We now know Nancy’s dream team of House managers (aka prosecutors) that are arguing for the case of impeachment. Of the 7, a few notables are Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Hakeem Jeffries. We also know who Trump’s legal team is and they definitely have an interesting range of past experiences including President Clinon’s 1999 impeachment trial, Jeffrey Epstein, OJ Simpson, and defending Trump on Fox news. No surprises there though, right?

Proceedings will resume tomorrow, where the Senate will vote on the rules of the trial before moving forward.

Congress, What’s Good?

Members of the House are back home this week, but not for vacation. This is a dedicated “district work period” in which the Representatives are expected to go back to attend local events and listen to the concerns of their constituents.

The Senate, on the other hand, are expected to be on the Hill. In addition to the obvious (see above), they’ll be meeting on deploying more 5G networks across the country and for an oversight hearing of the Economic Development Administration, the government agency that provides assistance to economically distressed communities. 

Btw, did you see Auntie Ayanna Pressley open up about her battle with alopecia? Most of these other politicians could never.

++ For those of y’all from H-Tine & Texas overall, a Black woman named Amanda Edwards is running to become your US Senator. The Democratic primary is on March 3 and Texas hasn’t elected a Democrat to the Senate since ‘88. If you haven’t at least Google’d her then baby, what is you doin’?

2020 Watch

Joe Biden thinks Black children are underachievers because they don’t hear enough words at home. It’s a racist myth that’s long been dispelled, but you know what they say about old dogs.

Cousin Cory Booker bit the dust and suspended his campaign last week. We thought he was the last Black candidate in the race, but we forgot about Deval Patrick. The former governor of Massachusetts is playing catch up after a late debut.

You may have heard, but Bernie and Liz are engaged in an intense game of he said/she said. Warren claims that Bernie told her a couldn't woman win the presidency in 2020. Bernie wants her to stop spreading fake news, but he’s not exactly doing himself any good in his responses.

And did you watch last week’s debate? If not, here’s a recap of who shined and who did not.

Around the Diaspora

Libya’s been in a civil war since Muammar Gaddafi was taken down by NATO forces in 2011. What factors are causing the fighting to continue after nearly 10 years?

Barbados is on its global grind these days. The country recently established diplomatic relations with Belarus and Cambodia with the hope of creating new trade and business opportunities.

As the dust settles on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit from the royal BS, Black Britons are happy she saw the flash and was able to get out.

Culture that Pops

Surely you’ve seen Black Twitter’s jokes about WWIII, but on some real stuff, we should be celebrating an unsung WWII hero named Doris Miller. The US Navy will honor him with a 2nd warship in his name for his courage during Pearl Harbor.

Would you let a company owned by Ja Rule do your taxes? Even after the Fyre Festival? Even after he was convicted of tax evasion in 2011? He sure hopes you will. 

Nike put 5 Ms in Barack Obama’s bank account to create an athletic facility at the site of the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago. The opening of 44’s center (his version of a presidential library) is currently TBD.

Looking for a Black-owned yacht charter service for your next Caribbean getaway? Consider Soca Caribbean Yacht Charters. It was founded by a Howard alum who wants to bring more color to the travel industry.


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