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Bye Bye Bernie

Trump Been Knew

Would you believe us if we told you that Trump had warnings about a pandemic since before he was inaugurated? Here’s a video detailing every time he had an opportunity to prepare the country for what we’re going through today.

Also, the drug that he’s trying to push as a cure for COVID-19 is not proven to work. Plus he’s risking a possible shortage of the medication for Lupus patients that actually need it.

Listen to your Surgeon General

When appealing directly to Black and Latinx residents fighting the ‘Rona, surgeon General Jerome Adams tells us to think of our Big Mamas and Abuelas before stepping out. Is he right, did the Trump administration put us in jeopardy with its policies or is it a combination of both?

Getting to the Paper (for Small Businesses)

Last week, we talked about the horrible rollout of the small business relief program. The New York Times reports that Black businesses may have an especially difficult time securing aid as banks already don’t often want to lend to us and now, they only want to lend (money that isn’t theirs) to existing customers. Never fear though, because Essence is trying to change all of that with this virtual information session aimed specifically at businesses that are for us, by us.

Congress, What’s Good? The recess continues. Congress isn’t expected to be back on the Hill until April 20 or (probably) later.

2020 Watch

We knew this was coming, but the news still hurt: Bernie Sanders is out of the presidential race. Was he our last hope for real change or does his exit simply mean we can now get down to business?

If you live in New York State, Governor Cuomo just approved absentee voting in your June 23 Democratic primary election. Here’s how to secure and cast your absentee ballot.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is ready to go to war over mail-in voting. He’ll need to square up against Senator Elizabeth Warren though.

Now that he’s gotten rid of all of his competition, Biden takes a page out of Bernie’s book and announces plans to cancel student loans. He also wants to lower the eligibility age for Medicare.

Around the Diaspora

The Prime Minister of Sint Maarten is every stern mother who’s ever told her child to stop asking to go out to eat because “we got food at home.”

Liberia’s president released a music video to encourage his fellow citizens to fight against the ‘Rona.

African immigrants living in Guangzhou, China report being unfairly evicted and businesses refusing them service. Black Americans have reported the same discrimination. The reason why? Their Chinese neighbors are afraid that foreigners will infect them with the Coronavirus. Did anyone tell the people of Guangzhou that...nevermind.

Culture that Pops

Rihanna is giving over $2M to the city of Los Angeles to provide victims of domestic violence with counseling, food & shelter for up to 10 weeks

Diddy called a state of emergency for Black America to address the community’s challenges in light of our current times.

Tyler Perry paid for senior citizens’ groceries at 73 stores across NOLA and Atlanta.


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