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Black Women in Charge

Blame the Black Man

The Trump administration is facing more and more criticism in its handling of the coronavirus and in response, he says it’s Barack Obama's fault. A whole lie. Always one to be unbothered, our Forever President remained calm and told us to “listen to the experts.” We already know that ain’t Trump.

For the latest on COVID-19, check here.

Virginia is Doing Things

The state just added itself to the list of those who are banning hair discrimination.

They also just voted to decriminalize (note: not legalize) possession of an ounce of marijuana starting in July 2020. Possession of any more than that will still be a felony, so move accordingly.

The Injustice Served to Nathaniel Woods

If you found it difficult to follow the flood of news about Nathaniel Woods over the last week or so, you’re not alone. It’s painful to constantly revisit how unfairly we’re treated in the prison system, especially when the death penalty is involved. Woods’ execution proves to be particularly hard to accept due to the fact that everyone knows he did not pull any triggers.

In response to the injustice, Representative Ayanna Pressley has called again for abolishing the death penalty at the federal level and she’s asking Speaker Pelosi bring her bill H.R. 4052 to the House floor. To help it gain traction, contact your local House representative and express your support of Pressley’s bill.

Congress, What’s Good? Up on the Hill, here’s a little sample of what Congress will be addressing:

Check out a complete list of this week’s committee meetings and what bills are on deck here and here.

2020 Watch

Super Tuesday was just that for Joe Biden. Black voters showed up for him again in a major way, but not all of us are sold.

At the start of last week, there were 6 Democratic candidates standing. Now there are just two...and Tulsi Gabbard.

Trump’s 2020 campaign is suing its “fake news” adversaries for defamation.

Around the Diaspora

Were we the only ones who missed the announcement about Netflix Naija? It’s the streaming giant’s attempt to capture the Nigerian audience and general Nollywood enthusiasts alike. Here are the details of its first Nigerian original show. Will you be watching?

Just in time for International Women’s Day (yesterday), here are 50 African women who are killing the game.

Meanwhile, women in Sudan are still waiting for some very basic, common sense rights.

9 African countries have confirmed that they each have at least one case of the Coronavirus.

The Caribbean has a few cases too. Here’s how it’s handling the outbreak.

Culture that Pops

The Splash Brothers and Warriors head coach Steve Kerr participated in a peace walk in Oakland in an effort to reduce gun violence.

The founders of Black Lives Matter and Beyonce are among the women honored with a (late) cover for TIME Magazine’s 100 Women of the Year issue. Covers were also created to honor Toni Morrison, Oprah, and Michelle Obama.

Halle Berry is related to that one Republican VP candidate from the 2008 election. In response, she says water is definitely thicker than blood.


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