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Black Girls Stay Winning

Kentucky (Re)Joins the Good Side

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is out here handing out early Christmas gifts. On just his 3rd day in office, he signed an executive order to give roughly 140K formerly incarcerated men and women the right to vote. This move was initially enacted in 2015 by Beshear’s father who was governor at the time, but it was overturned by his Republican successor. Excluded from the order are those whose record include violent crimes (think assault and worse) or election bribery or treason. Now this newly reinstated electorate will be able to flex their new rights in the upcoming Democratic primary in May of 2020.

Impeachment Feels Imminent. Removal...Not So Much

Here’s the latest rundown:

  • The House Judiciary Committee was busy last week. They released two articles of impeachment against Trump—abuse of power and obstruction of justice—and a 658-page report explaining how we’ve gotten to this point. A full House vote to impeach Trump will likely take place tomorrow or Wednesday. Yes, we’re talking one to two days from now.

  • Assuming he’ll be impeached in the House, Senate Republicans are working on stalling him out. In other words, ain’t gone be no removal bihhhh.

  • The nation is still heavily divided on this issue as a recent Fox News poll showed that 50% of voters support impeaching and removing Trump while another 41% of voters support throwing the whole investigation away.

Congress, What’s Good?

You already know the main attraction this week will be the House’s impeachment vote, but here are a few other lesser known topics on the Hill this week:

  • Counter-terrorism priorities in Africa

  • The costs of inaction against climate change

  • Figuring out how to approach the opioid crisis on a government-wide scale. If only they could have put the same effort into that tackling that other drug epidemic they caused.

2020 Watch

Each of the top 2020 presidential candidates were ranked in a Racial Justice Scorecard and your granny’s top pick received an F. 

Mayor Pete and Lizzo kicked it the other day and she was 100% unimpressed.

The next Democratic debate is supposed to take place on Thursday and 6 of the 7 candidates are white. Cory Booker wants the Democratic National Committee to change the requirements for upcoming meetings to allow for more diversity.

Donald Trump is looking for all the woke Black people to vote for him in 2020. Is that you?

US economies may take a tumble if Democrats sweep next year’s presidential and congressional elections.

Around the Diaspora

Last week, the UK officially elected Boris Johnson as their prime minister and he’s their very own version of Trump. What do Black Britons and those in the Motherland feel about his election?

Kenyan women are fed up with the sexual harassment they encounter on the streets daily.

Jamaica won the 2019 Miss World competition and Nigeria gassed them all the way up!

Also, Miss Guadeloupe won the Miss France 2020 competition. Can we just give it up for the Black girls? They stay winning. 

Culture that Pops

This Baltimore brother is working to make sure the youths from his neighborhood travel the world with his organization called BMore See More.

Roc Nation’s Paper Planes brand is also doing its part to give travel grants and passport scholarships to underserved youth around the nation.

Can you imagine Jesus in Wakanda or any other superhero universe? This media company can and they want you to see more faith-based representations of Black people in the media.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are coming up. Here’s a list of the Black actors and films who were nominated and those who got snubbed.


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