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Bad Girl Gone Activist

Your Weekly Dose of Trump

Because we know you can’t get enough, here’s a glimpse of what your president has been doing for the last week:

  • Starting today, immigrants who are expected to become a “public charge” by relying on food stamps, Medicaid, etc. will have a harder time entering or obtaining legal status in the United States.

  • He got the Supreme Court to grant an emergency ruling supporting the restriction this past week.

  • International Trump rallies just might be the new wave. On his first visit to India, he spoke in front of a crowd of over 100K attendees, his largest ever. We 100% expect him to runteldat for the rest of his days.

  • He pardoned a whole bunch of people and, strangely, a lot of them were rich white guys who were convicted of corruption. We wonder why.

Abortion Laws Can’t Catch a Break

Remember all the hype about Mississippi (and other states) passing a law that required pregnant women to get an abortion at no later than 6 weeks? A panel of 3 federal judges temporarily blocked the law, upholding a decision made from last year. Similar laws in Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Louisiana have all faced the same threat.

Congress, What’s Good? Perhaps the most notable thing happening on the Hill this week, The House will take its 201st vote (literally) to make lynching a federal hate crime. It appears that they now have the support needed to pass this law for the first time since 1882. The bill passed in the Senate last year. Once it passes through the lower chamber, it will go to the President’s desk to be signed into law.

They’ll also be doing a whole lot of voting with the intent of protecting the lives of our service members and veterans this week.

The Senate is doing things too.

2020 Watch

It’s looking more and more like Bernie is that dude. Even the Russians are feeling him.

Elizabeth Warren bodied Michael Bloomberg at the Nevada debate. What will she do with all of this new momentum?

If we let the Nevada caucus results tell it, creepy Uncle Joe is still the top candidate among Black voters.

Around the Diaspora

21 years later, a prized crown is returned to Ethiopia. It had been missing since ‘93 and when a Dutch man came across it 5 years later, he held onto it until he could figure out what to do with it. He‘s still protecting the identity of the friend who stole it though.

Caribbean meteorologists are warning residents about the symptoms of a dust storm that traveled all the way from the Sahara. St. Vincent, Trinidad & Tobago, and St. Maarten are among the places impacted.

Guyana is not here to play games. The country saw their GDP increase by 4.7% last year. This was their largest increase since 2014.

Culture that Pops

BET will stream Kobe Bryant’s memorial service today. It will air at 10am PST / 1pm EST.

Yvonne Orji (aka Molly from ‘Insecure’) is taking her stand-up comedy talents to HBO.

Rihanna called out “allies” who only talk the talk at the NAACP Image Awards.


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