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Back to the Basics

We took one lil summer vacation and Trump is back in the news with another indictment. This makes 4 cases against him as he kicks off his 2024 campaign. Other things that are back: the GOAT Simone Biles, Joe's lil lies, and the need to guard our immune systems.

What the Health

COVID back and now they’re saying RSV and the flu may make comebacks as well. Guard your immune systems, family.

Things we love seeing: This walk that encourages Black men to seek preventative care.

Many workplaces are not safe for Black women’s wellbeing. Here’s how companies can improve work environments in ways that are beneficial to Black women's mental health.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

By now, we’ve all heard about the wildfires on Maui that destroyed an entire town and may potentially be the deadliest this country has ever seen. With hundreds of people still unaccounted for, why has y’all’s President’s public response felt so lackluster?

…Maybe it’s because the legal woes for his son just keep rolling in.

BTW, we talked a lot about Joe’s penchant for not telling the truth during the 2020 campaign. It looks like his love for embellishing the truth never went away.

The US is strengthening alliances and diplomatic ties with the likes of Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea in an effort to ward off China’s growing dominance.

Congress, What’s Good?

Remember the government shutdown that was lurking earlier this summer? It’s still lurking. With the September 30 deadline being less than a month after Congress gets back from its August recess, The House Majority Leader (a Republican) and the Senate Majority Leader (a Democrat) actually agree that a stopgap bill is needed to keep the lights on for a little while longer. Exactly how that bill is crafted and how much more time it’ll buy is all up to politics, of course.

As for committee meetings, those are largely still on hold until after Labor Day.

Looking to 2024

Trump got indicted again. This time, the case is coming out of Georgia for his efforts to overturn the state’s 2020 election results. As for the case tied to the January 6 insurrection, he wants the trial to proceed in April 2026. That would be 15 months after he hopes to be sworn in again and potentially pardons himself. Lol, this wigga.

BTW, you can keep track of all of Donnie's pending criminal cases here.

If you care, the first GOP debate is this Wednesday. Here’s who made the cut. (45 has decided that he will not be in attendance.)

Social Justice Round Up

Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims African American history spreads hate and banned the AP course from being facilitated in her state. We really thought we were done with her ass when she left the White House in 2019.

Youth climate activists in Montana won a court case that determined the state’s fossil fuel projects violate their rights to a “clean and healthful environment.”

Weeks after a lower court rejected a lawsuit from the Tulsa Race Massacre survivors for restitution, Oklahoma’s highest court gives them the green light to proceed.

Around the Diaspora

Despite sanctions, Niger’s coup leader says he will return the country to civilian rule in 3 years. ECOWAS, the regional bloc of West Africa, ain't having it.

After ending civil conflict in November 2022, Ethiopia seems to have found a new target: its LGBTQ+ community.

With a dengue outbreak currently happening in Guyana, authorities across the Caribbean and the Americas as a whole are working on new strategies to monitor and prevent mosquito-borne viruses.

These Black British-owned startups are helping families navigate their financial troubles.

Getting to the Money

We’re entering Q4, so now’s a good time for entrepreneurs to strategize on how they want next year to go. If extra funding will be needed to execute your 2024 goals, check out these grants for Black businesses.

Buying Black

Where’s the next spot on your travel bucket list? Let these 10 Black-owned travel companies make planning and exploring your next dream destination easier.

Culture that Pops

RIP to the Godfather of Black Music, Clarence Avant.

Meet the Black artists tapped to bring life into one of Los Angeles’ soon-to-be bustling metro stations.

After a 2 year break, Simone Biles showed us why she’s still the one and not the two.


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