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And the Winner Is...

Not the Republicans. Lol that the midterms are over, we can enjoy watching Congress (that's very likely to be split) bicker over everything.

What the Health

The latest COVID numbers: 98M total cases & 1M total deaths (+276K & +2K from last week) in the US.

The headlines:

2022 Midterms Recap

Democrats will maintain their Senate majority and therefore will be pulling up to Thanksgiving with a lot of BDE (big Dem energy).

The Republicans’ red wave did not give what it was supposed to gave. They’re projected to gain control of the House with a majority smaller than they’d hoped.

Raphael Warnock is headed to yet another runoff because nearly 2M racist and/or delusional people voted for Herschel Walker’s ol’ Uncle Ruckus ass.

Unfortunately, Stacey Abrams couldn’t send Brian Kemp packing.

Elsewhere in the midterms, Black candidates showed out & made history.

Oh yeah, voters also made it clear that they were for abortion rights.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

Umm hello? Joe? Brittney Griner has officially been sent to a penal colony in Russia. What is you doing?

Joe Biden met Chinese President Xi Jinping in person for the first time.

High off the results of the midterms, Biden is really really committed to running in 2024. Gotta love his confidence.

Congress, What’s Good?

Midterms are over, so now it’s on. Republicans are pointing fingers for their red wave turning out to be a red ripple. Dems are happy to have beaten the midterm odds. Beyond that, both parties are also dealing with the reality of a Congress that’ll likely be split. How much can we expect to get done if the House falls into Republican hands while Democrats run the Senate? LOL.

Committee meetings are back. Here’s a snippet of what’s on this week’s agenda:

Social Justice Round Up

Voters in Alabama, Oregon, Vermont & Tennessee voted to ban prison slavery. Unfortunately, Louisiana voters said, “Nah, keep it going.” BTW, calling it prison slavery is not hyperbole. Read more about how a former inmate who was forced to pick cotton or okra for just 2 cents an hour advocated to get this measure on the ballot.

Here’s how other criminal justice efforts did in the midterms.

Aware of the increase in hate speech on the platform since his acquisition, Elon Musk will be sitting with civil rights leaders to discuss the direction of the platform.

Around the Diaspora

Temporary protected status in the US has been extended for Haitian and Sudanese immigrants (plus those from other 4 countries) until mid-2024.

Guyana plans to build a natural gas power plant that will cut its citizens’ electricity bills in half.

Climate activists in South Africa say we’re already living in hell.

Getting to the Money

With recent mass layoffs at Twitter & Meta plus continued warnings that a recession is here/OTW, here’s a list of tech companies that are hiring. Read through it and apply to whatever speaks to you. Most importantly, share it with others.

If it’s one thing these companies will try to do, it’s play in our faces when it comes to salary negotiations. Check out this tool that will help you figure out whether a new job offer is worth it.

BTW, the IRS raised income tax brackets for 2023 to address inflation (This means you could pay less in taxes). Check to see where your household lands.

Buying Black

Got a business that needs support getting your product out to the world? Consider ShipBlack, a Black-owned logistics service that focuses on improving supply chain effectiveness for e-commerce startups. With over 25 years of supply chain and logistics experience, ShipBlack provides storage, packaging & delivery of your product. They also offer consultations to help small businesses get their game up.

Culture that Pops

Wakanda Forever is officially the 2nd biggest film release of the year. Have you seen it yet?

Are we protecting Black women or nah? Black leaders (like Maxine Waters, Marc Lamont Hill, & Tarana Burke) sent love to Megan Thee Stallion amidst her ongoing case from that 2020 shooting incident and subsequent unprovoked jabs from corny male rappers.

In honor of the social media platform where our wit & brilliance shines brightest (despite the racist trolls), here’s a look back at a few of Black Twitter’s best moments.


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