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America is the Trailer Park, Not the Ghetto

COVID Carries On in 2021

The latest in numbers: 22M total cases & 375K deaths

A few major headlines:

White Terrorists Hit Up the Capitol

Technically, none of us should be surprised because these Trump-loving terrorists have been planning to storm the U.S. Capitol to challenge the election results since 45’s loss.

What’s always been our reality, but still disappointing nonetheless, is the explicit difference between how they treated those protesting for Black lives & those who used violence & fear tactics in an attempt to overthrow the government. Taking selfies with the anarchists? Removing barricades and showing them where certain officials’ offices are? Helping those who’ve been peppers prayed????? America is always gon’ America, no matter what.

All the tips sent to authorities have resulted in some arrests already. Let’s see if the arrests will continue and if we’ll actually get some convictions.

As for Trump…

Last week’s riot was the manifestation of that “Stand back & stand by” dog whistle from a couple months ago. What are the consequences he will suffer? He’s been silenced across social media platforms (many years too late BTW), but what else?

Well, the House is discussing a 2nd impeachment. It might seem silly with just a few days left, but here’s what being impeached and then convicted by the Senate could mean for Donnie:

  • Inability to run for public office again

  • Revocation of pension

  • Lost of health insurance

We say impeach away even if you cannot get the ⅔ support to convict in the Senate. Don’t forget about his complicit lil friends either.

Georgia Comes Through

Listennnnnnn! Atlanta is really earning its title as the center of Black culture these days. The city, along with Augusta, Columbus & Savannah helped give the win to Reverend Raphael Warnock & Jon Ossoff last week. Now the Senate is at a 50-50 split between the red & the blue with Madam VP Kamala serving as the tie breaker.

The cherry on top is that Mitch McConnell also lost his top spot as Senate Majority Leader in the process. Amen!

Congress, What’s Good?

The $600 stimmies are being distributed, and the Senate turning blue is fueling the push for $2000 payments. This one Democratic Senator may hold up the process though.

As far as upcoming meetings & hearings, there’s just one Senate meeting on the armed forces this week.

Keeping Up with Biden & Harris

The 46th POTUS’ win was made official on Wednesday, but some Republicans still tried it.

Biden is calling for another stimulus plan and it includes $15 minimum wage, another stimulus check for $2000, and a return to the $600 weekly federal unemployment benefits. Up to $10K in student loan forgiveness is also in the new plan.

Kamala Harris has made it this far in her career without taking a strong stance on certain issues. With a 50-50 Senate, she’ll have to make more critical choices in her role as VP.

Around the Diaspora

From Tanzania to Zimbabwe to Nigeria, people on the Continent are asking “Who’s the shithole country now?”

The crisis in Ethiopia still rages on in 2021. Those displaced by the fighting are also continuing to move into Sudan, though in smaller numbers.

Jamaica’s Prime Minister accuses wealthier nations of hoarding the vaccine.

16% of Brazilian politicians who won elections in 2020 changed their self-declared race to Black in order to secure additional funding designated for Black candidates. Nearly all of them had previously registered as white.

Getting to the Money

For those of you looking for a new job in the tech industry, Oracle is hosting a virtual networking event on Thursday, January 14, starting at 11a PT / 2p ET. They currently have roles open in Video Production, Product Marketing, Brand Creative, & Digital Advertising.

Buying Black

Gift the hardworking medical professional in your life with a pair of scrubs from Dope Scrubs. Unique styles, matching masks, and fits for all body types separate this brand from the rest.

Culture that Pops

Beyonce & the NAACP want to help those facing housing instability due to the Coronavirus.

Master P & Baron Davis are planning to buy Reebok and they want Allen Iverson to be to the brand what MJ is to Nike.

Got your Clubhouse invite yet?? Black users are making the app more than just a never-ending panel for techies.

Eric Jerome Dickey, author of many classic novels about Black life in the ‘90s & ‘00s, passed away after a long illness. The NYT bestselling author has had over 7M of his books sold worldwide.


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