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All Black People Look Alike...Still?

Updates on Immigration

Donald Trump is at again with the pump fake. After seemingly giving his administration directions to challenge a Supreme Court decision, he has decided to abandon legal paths to include a citizenship question on the census form after all. Instead, he’s asked his people to provide details on noncitizens from other sources.

Also, he ordered those ICE raids that were paused a couple weeks ago to resume as of yesterday. Educate yourself so that you know how to protect yourself or your loved ones.

Let’s Talk About It: Facial Recognition + Bias

For those of us who got money and have newer mobile devices, facial recognition is so convenient when it comes to unlocking our phones. The idea of police using the technology for their own work, however, is exactly the opposite. More and more, police departments desire to equip body cams with the ability to leverage databases—featuring mostly white male faces—to identify suspects. This means that people of color and/or women would inherently have a huge disadvantage. Acknowledging the potential for more cases of mistaken identity and unnecessary force, some developers (except Amazon…they dgaf) have put a hold on handing this capability over until they feel it’s ready. While that’s a good thing, you might also wanna pay attention to how your city and state plan to use this technology and petition your elected officials to follow San Fran and Somerville, MA who have already banned the technology. It’s looking real dystopian out here y’all.

Obamacare Standing on One Leg?

If you have Obamacare, don’t forget: folks are still plotting on its demise. After a federal judge in Texas ruled the law was unconstitutional, it looks like an appeals court just may agree. If this does happen, don’t look in Congress’ direction for a backup plan. There isn’t one.

Congress, What’s Hannenin??

Standout items on this week’s congressional agenda: increasing the federal minimum wage, cybersecurity, and guaranteeing a free press.

Also, Robert Mueller was expected to testify before Congress this Wednesday about the Russia investigation, but it will be postponed by one week. He will speak instead on 7/24.

2020 Tings

When Gucci said, “Miss one, next 15 one coming,” he must have also been talking about Democratic candidates. In the past week, Eric Swalwell has dropped out, but we gained another guy in his place: billionaire Tom Steyer.

Pete Buttigieg is beefing up his team after a great quarter of fundraising.

Bitcoin may become a top issue in the 2020 election thanks to Donald Trump.

Around the Diaspora

Protesters in Israel spark their own Black Lives Matter demonstrations after an unarmed Ethiopian Jewish man was shot.

Trinidad is mulling over whether spouses and children of Trinidadian ISIS recruits should be allowed to come back to the Caribbean nation.

It seemed all good just a week ago in Sudan when its military and civilian forces agreed to share power. Now, one man has been killed by the military and the signing of the agreement has been delayed.

Culture that Pops

Shawn Carter (aka Jay Z) has signed on to be the chief brand strategist for a marijuana firm and he’s making sure social justice is part of their platform.

Everyone’s favorite tennis star, Serena Williams, had this to say to folks who want her to shut up and play tennis.

Say what you want about celebrity children, but Jaden Smith is making real moves for the people. To commemorate his 21st birthday, Will and Jada’s son opened a food truck business that will provide vegan meals to the homeless.


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