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About Those Taxes...

Solidifying a Legacy

Just a day before his homegoing service and procession, Congresswoman Karen Bass lived up to her promise by commemorating Nipsey Hussle’s contributions to the Crenshaw District and South Central L.A. in the U.S. Congressional Record. Listen to her speech here. Further paying homage to the hometown hero, the city of Los Angeles has renamed the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue as Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom Square.

A Tussle Over Tax Returns

House Democrats are serious about seeing the President’s tax returns, but Trump and crew keep hitting them with “We’re good luv, enjoy” responses. Last week, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin defiantly let the House’s deadline for providing Trump’s 2013-2018 tax returns pass, calling into question the legality behind their request. Democrats fired back with a second letter on Saturday with a new deadline for their request. The back and forth is getting so intense, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that House Democrats probably aren’t even “smart enough” to go through Trump’s returns and come to a conclusion. Fighting words, right? Many believe there actually is valid legal reasoning to request the tax returns, so it appears the Dems may get their way. Not without a fight though.

Affirmative Action Under Attack

Texas Tech Medical School must stop admitting students on the basis of race as directed by the Department of Education. 45’s administration has been serious about ensuring universities around the nation end the consideration of race in its admissions process and this agreement with Texas Tech is the first of its kind. This move is a win for conservatives who are working on other high profile affirmative action cases to further halt race-based admissions.

Have some time to learn more about this issue? Peep this 20 minute overview from Hasan Minaj. It’s not that bad, we promise.

Louisiana Church Fires

Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t but someone in Louisiana decided to burn down Black churches in attacks that went from late March to early April. Thankfully, authorities have identified a culprit, the son of a local sheriff. Sadly, they have claimed that his influences are black metal music and NOT white supremacy.

2020 Happenings

Elizabeth Warren reveals a plan to tax Amazon and other big corporations. Is it realistic?

Similar to his 2016 campaign, Bernie Sanders is riding the “Medicare-for-all” train again. See how he plans to lead the way.

Kamala Harris and Cory Booker teamed up to propose April 11-17 as Black Maternal Health week. The goal of this designation is to raise awareness to the health risks that Black women face while pregnant.

Looks like Republican Bill Weld is still on the fence about challenging Trump and has set an April deadline by which he must make a decision. Does he have the cojones needed to be become the Republican nominee?

Around the Diaspora

Sudan has just removed President Omar al-Bashir via a military coup, but their interim leader may not be worth rooting for either.

Immigrants to the UK from Jamaica, Trinidad and other Caribbean countries, known as the Windrush generation, will be awarded a settlement of up to $260 million for injustices caused by the British government. The extensive eligibility requirements, however, are considered to be an even larger slap in the face as people make their claims for compensation.

Haiti has found a new Prime Minister in Jean Michel Lapin, firing Jean Henry Céant after only 6 months on the job.

Zambia has received the green light from the UK (hello colonialism) to sue a mining giant over water pollution.

Culture that Pops

Tiger Woods has a historic comeback as he secured his 5th Masters Tournament win this past weekend.

Bad Gal Ri Ri and Childish Gambino are in a new Amazon Prime film called Guava Island. Will you be watching the “tropical thriller”?

Biggie and Faith’s son, C.J. has launched his own cannabis line and will be giving the proceeds to a prison arts program.

Lena Waithe is on a roll. In addition to the Season 2 premiere of “The Chi,” she’ll also be joining Season 3 of “Westworld.”


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