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Aaaaand We're Back

It’s Been a Mighty Long Time

And boy, did a lot happen from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Here’s a recap:

  • “Impeach the motherf*cker” became reality as Donald Trump became the 3rd US President to be impeached. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got tired of holding her breath waiting for the Senate to confirm they’ll hold an impartial trial, so she’s expected to finally pass the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Here’s the latest on impeachment.

  • We learned that 45 can see the future. In 2011, he predicted that a POTUS would start a war with Iran to get reelected and it looks like he’s that dude.

  • Random Update: Nigerians f*ck with Trump heavily. Apparently.

Congress, What’s Good?

Coming on the heels of Trump’s request for smoke from Iran, the House passed a measure aiming to limit him from taking further action without consulting them. The Senate is working to pass a similar measure, but it faces a tough crowd.

Other things popping off on the Hill:

Also, Congressman John Lewis announced that he’s battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Let’s please keep the civil rights icon in our thoughts and prayers.

2020 Watch

Julían Castro kissed his campaign bye bye in December. Cory Booker and Andrew Yang are now the only candidates of color left in the race.

2020 is finally here and that means the Democratic primaries are coming up. Check out this schedule to see when your state heads to the polls to vote on a Democratic candidate. 

Joe Biden is still looking like the frontrunner for the Dems, but why does it feel like no one really wants him to be?

Amy Klobuchar took funds from the prosecutor who convicted the Exonerated 5 last March, but now that the contribution has come to light, she’s giving the money back.

Around the Diaspora

To celebrate the Year of Return, a few African countries gave citizenship to its long-lost descendants from around the world with Ludacris and Samuel Jackson being amongst the most popular to receive the honor. Cardi B will be applying for citizenship in Nigeria as well, mostly because she’s tired of Your President’s BS.

Sudan is looking into crimes committed by former president Omar al-Bashir stemming from the 2003 Darfur conflict. Meanwhile, the rest of the country appears to be getting used to that post-revolution life.

Three major earthquakes struck Puerto Rico over the past week. They ranged from 5.8 to 6.4 in magnitude. 

Culture that Pops

Serena won her first tennis title since having baby Alexis (and Qai Qai). She donated her prize money to help the brush fires in Australia.

Yo Gotti & Roc Nation threaten to sue the state of Mississippi for its inhumane prison systems.

Meghan Markle is coming for that “Hot Girl Meg” title. After chucking the deuces to the UK and furious Britons, she’s wasting no time getting back to the paper.


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